Horoscope for March 31 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for March 31 by Russell Grant


Imagine yourself as the person you want to be. This will help you approach a difficult situation in a calm and more effective way. A senior colleague means when you are praised for your skills. An in-law will make their presence felt by trying to interfere in your affairs.


Something happened behind the scenes and although you knew a little about it, you didn't have much time to think about it. A conversation will grab your attention. You realize that you can no longer ignore this.


A relative or family member is showing you manners. You know you don't deserve this kind of treatment, especially when you're at work or in social situations, people look up to you and rely on your guidance. It's time to make some changes in your personal life.

The crab

Someone is not providing you with the information you need and it is causing you annoyance. You don't feel as prepared as you should be for an event, team meeting, or workshop you're attending. A relative will ask to borrow some money. Are you letting a manipulator take advantage of you?


It will be easier to organize an upcoming vacation, or make travel plans if you have the support of your partner or other loved one. Bring this idea up in conversations, but don't put off a decision.


You've been doing a lot lately. You can't seem to settle down with anything or stay focused on important matters. You may notice that you are more talkative and anxious than usual. You are tired and need a break to recharge your energy.


Someone is interfering in your private affairs and it is throwing you off balance. A new friend or partner is very curious and very pushy. You're trying to be patient, but they won't change. They need to know that you cannot and will not tolerate their selfish behavior any longer.


Resist the urge to give up when you're getting nothing in return. A friend will do you a favor if you do something for him. If you're the one paying all the bills, making all the meals, and bending over backwards to keep your partner happy, you're giving too much to the wrong person.


If people are not aware of your plans, they cannot hinder your progress. You think someone will have objections to the ideas you are currently working on. Think before you speak. A business rival can't get in the way if you keep your plans secret.


You want to tell someone who is worried to get on with it. It takes patience to put up with people who are unclear about what they want and slow to make decisions. Even when you want to criticize and protest, it would be better, for the sake of peace, to suffer in silence.


Colleagues depend on your knowledge and expertise. Family interactions require kindness, care and compassion. Sometimes it seems as if your personality is split in two, and yet, alternating between these very different roles will not be a problem.


A friend or relative will say or do something that has you puzzled and curious. Resist the urge to ask too many questions. People will get defensive if you probe too deeply. In order not to upset anyone, keep your observations to yourself.