Horoscope for April 3 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for April 3 by Russell Grant


A group or community project cannot proceed without adequate funding. You will be asked to participate in a fundraiser. This is your chance to help those less fortunate. You always feel fulfilled when you know that your efforts help make a difference.


To consider your current situation and make plans for the future, your thoughts will automatically shift to the past. If your current circumstances don't meet the goals you previously set for yourself, you need to decide if they are really important.


It will take some time to get used to new routines and ideas. Once you catch them, you'll wonder how you did it before. Responsibilities that were heavy will be eased with the implementation of new routines.

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An ex needs to accept that a relationship is over and you will never get back together. You both feel strongly about it, but you don't intend to repeat the mistakes. You should be free to pursue other opportunities.


A relative will make a big mistake. They expect you to support their ideas. You can see that these have not been properly considered and there is no way to encourage them to move forward. Instead, you will try to drive them away.


You generally keep your emotions under control. Someone is annoying you so much that you are tempted to do or say something that is completely out of character. Avoid a colleague who treats you with disrespect and watch your emotional barometer.


No time to join friends. You feel a strong need to follow your impulses and do whatever it takes to achieve something you hold dear.


A workshop will become more lively as it progresses. Someone will come up with ideas that may seem crazy, but will actually work. New projects are ready and you will rush to show your interest and get involved.


A project that initially excited you has lost its appeal. You might wish you had never been involved. The work is hard. Progress is slow and the attitude of other people participating in this venture is starting to bother you.


Excitement is in the air and it will feel like a wish come true. Although it goes against the grain, you will need to think and act quickly to make the most of the opportunities that come your way. A change of plans can work to your advantage.


A group's performance is poor even if the same team did extremely well in the past. There is no longer any trust in a leader or manager. The group is not taking advantage of the best opportunities and it is part of the person's job to inspire and create inspiring moments.


Continue to support a friend or loved one who posts daily about their health on social media. This is their way of working through the pain and frustration they have to deal with and just knowing someone is listening helps them feel understood.