Horoscope for November 29 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for November 29 by Russell Grant


Sharing thoughts, ideas, and discussing past experiences will encourage a greater emotional connection in your intimate relationships. Trust your intuition. If an opportunity is unexpected but seems right for you, it can put a professional dream on the path to fulfillment.


Not everything will be easy and you will not have expected this. You are up against someone who opposes almost everything you do. In response, you don't like their dictatorial attitude. This is one of those situations where it's best to keep your views to yourself. Just grit your teeth and make the most of it.


Your thoughts keep drifting towards recent conversations. You might think there is a lot left unsaid. Guess there's more to discover and the only way to resolve any misunderstandings is to foster an open discussion.

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Someone you work with is going out of their way to reveal secrets you don't feel compelled to share. Your goal will be to separate your professional and personal life.


Check that you have all the correct information before submitting a job application. Recent research will raise some important questions. You feel under pressure to make an important decision. You should weigh your options before giving an opinion.


Everyone has their own views and opinions. Irritation is increasing and everything because there are too many people around you. Instead of trying to live up to other people's demands and expectations, obey an impulse to come out on your own.


You are ready to withdraw from a challenging engagement. This has been a great test of endurance and the results of your efforts speak for themselves. You already hope that other talented people will continue the work started.


You will do everything you can when you hear that volunteers are needed for a community effort. You want to help. In some situations, every minute can count. Some good news will come unexpectedly. This will make you breathe easy.


You're trying to find out what's behind the latest news making the rounds. Someone speculated about your private life and they were wrong. It will be difficult to communicate the truth to a skeptical audience. Keep being your authentic self.


You are in demand in society and this will work in your favor. You'll need a strong social network to take advantage of some great festive opportunities. You may find it difficult to divide your time between domestic and social obligations, but you can count on the help of your family and friends when you need it.


No matter what kind of challenges you are facing, if you persevere and believe in yourself, your hopes will come true. Once you have a clear idea in your mind about what you want to do, you will act on your decisions.


The environment around you seems frantic at times and this makes you tense and nervous. Whether that means spending more time with quiet friends, meditating, or even going to bed earlier each night, you need to find a way to ease your nerves.