Horoscope for March 29 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for March 29 by Russell Grant


Friends and loved ones are enjoying making plans you don't know about yet, which should make you happy. Hide your curiosity if those around you seem to be acting strangely. If you show too much curiosity, you can spoil the surprise.


If you force yourself to continue with the issues that are now bothering you, you may make bad decisions and make mistakes. There are other people who are willing to continue with jobs in which you have lost interest.


You will be offered a chance to work on developing a creative skill or talent. This is a craft that should bring you joy. If it doesn't make you happy, move on. The work you like will bring you the greatest satisfaction. Remember to follow your joy.

The crab

A family member or colleague is trying to convince you to take on some of their responsibilities. They suggest that this will be a temporary arrangement, but once you agree, it will be difficult to get out of it. Think of all the time and effort it will take if you take on the extra work.


You and your partner have different habits and expectations. It's hard to bring families together when you don't understand what you want, or what you expect from each other. It's time to talk and start working on a compromise. Get everyone in the family involved, you need their cooperation to make this work.


You're forcing yourself to be busy when you know you should be taking a break. Even though you have a lot to do, your mind and body are protesting. What you need more than anything is to relax and unwind your overworked brain.


Someone's constant criticism is starting to make you wonder if you can be good at anything. They act like they know everything, while you can't do anything right. Most likely, your doubts are the result of low self-esteem.


A younger relative is on the verge of entering into an arrangement that can only lead to disappointment. You know this because you've been through something similar before. You also know they won't want to listen to your warnings. However, give advice in a gentle but firm manner.


Activities that allow you to use our brain will suit you best now. Competitive events, quiz nights and volunteering will keep your mind active and stimulated. A surprise invitation to travel will come to you. You won't have to think twice about your answer.


In addition to your usual responsibilities, you will help a colleague complete a difficult task. Are you tempted to turn down an invitation to a party or fun gathering this evening, but don't you deserve to go out once in a while?


You don't feel ready for anything other than routine tasks in familiar places. If that means postponing a meeting or deal or avoiding a complex and challenging situation, so be it. There are others who are so qualified, or experienced enough to handle complicated matters.


Your energy is low. You feel like you haven't had a chance to stop and appreciate the results of your hard work lately. Things won't fall apart if you take a break. Spend time with your favorite people doing your favorite things. Have a friend take you to a party, club or social gathering.