Horoscope for March 28 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for March 28 by Russell Grant


Nothing can make you slow down. Whether you're making domestic matters a priority or focusing on a professional goal, you're determined to get through whatever you need to do. You can catch up on other issues once life is less stressful.


Your tendency is to hide behind the scenes and stay far from the center of the action. However, do not take on commitments that keep you isolated for too long, as your mood may change. Leave all commitments to join friends. You'll enjoy them as soon as you step outside.


Taking on a challenge will give you a chance to develop new skills and interests. Trying new things will work in your favor. A neighbor or colleague who is facing unfair treatment will be grateful when you defend them.

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Choose to stick with what you know rather than experiment with anything new. You want quick results, and you're more likely to get that by sticking to what you know you can do efficiently and well. Problems are more likely to occur when you take on work that you have never done before.


You are ready to withdraw from long-term social or professional arrangements. The atmosphere will make you feel a little weird when you're suddenly no longer a part of the team. You are moving forward.


It can be frustrating to wait for approval to implement professional plans that you know will work well for everyone. You'll feel like you're just passing the time in terms of progress, and there's a lot you want to keep up with, but you can't. You will finally start to see results.


Complaints are being openly displayed. You are not the only one who has kept your feelings inside, and once you and your significant other talk openly about what happened, misunderstandings will be resolved.


The thought of getting involved in something different and new makes you feel more alert, alert and energetic than you have in years. Once you are aware of using something you never thought of before, you will want to try it and make something more out of your life.


Everything feels like a burden and this is because you are expected to take on the responsibilities of others. You cannot neglect yourself for the sake of others. Your peaceful soul seems to be buried under a mountain of work.


A potential employer is looking for someone who is diligent and consistent. Emphasize your patience, practicality and work ethic during an interview. Whether you're starting a new job, or a course of study, as you develop and build your skills, your confidence will grow.


You are prepared for a loved one to oppose some of the plans you are making. You can understand their reluctance to agree to some changes, but these are important to you. You have already decided what you are going to do and nothing can break your resolve.


You take your responsibilities to others seriously. You are doing your best to complete a task to the best of your ability, but all this effort is causing disharmony within. You should also accept the benefit of relaxation.