Horoscope for February 27 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for February 27 by Russell Grant


A loved one is being erratic and although you will find yourself clashing with them, you may regret it. Once you understand what they are going through, you will offer them emotional support.


Someone you live or work with never seems to stop complaining. You understand their need to take a burden off themselves. You're tempted to tell them that focusing on trivial problems only makes them worse.


A warm camaraderie at work will make working as part of a team fun and rewarding. Ignore a temptation to brag. This will not impress the people you meet for the first time today, and those who matter already appreciate you.

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Friendship and team events will boost your morale and ego. You are in awe of some around you as you listen to their heartwarming stories. This is your chance to become better acquainted with the most respected people in your social circle.


It will damage your reputation if you neglect someone who relies on you. A more exciting offer may come along, but what is important is that you fulfill the promises already made. Is it the case that we do what we say?


You seem to be running out of ideas whenever you're in the company of a friend or partner who keeps getting bored over nothing. They read between the lines and see problems where none exist.


Someone who sees you as influential will be surprised. You are much smarter than they think. A situation will be so explosive that you will say what is on your mind. You can no longer be silent.


Instead of looking to others for decisions and waiting for their approval, decide for yourself. It is possible to advance your goals and ambitions if you act on your ideas. Confront a problem that worries you.


A long discussion in the morning will decide the rest of the day. The people in charge are competing against each other. There is a sharp difference of opinion between them. You are getting information online as well as word of mouth that helps you make a difficult decision.


A friend who has borrowed money from you shows few signs of wanting to pay it back. Refuse to let them change the subject. Remind them of their obligation. This was not a gift and it is time for them to repay the debt.


You can't seem to get things done. Too many distractions are preventing you from being able to focus on the job at hand. No matter how hard you try, you just can't focus. Avoid making important decisions.


If you can't see a solution to a problem you're having, talk to someone whose advice you always trust. They should be able to see where you went wrong and suggest an alternative strategy.