Horoscope for March 27 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for March 27 by Russell Grant


It's not your job to fix other people's problems when they keep getting themselves into trouble. Someone will try to involve you in their personal affairs. You cannot achieve your goals when you continue to give your time and resources to others.


Your organized state is evident again. You are both eager and determined to clear the deck of endless tasks. At the end of the day you will be in the mood for good company and fun. People who are close to you will not understand this unless you tell them.


Tasks that keep you tied to the same person, arrangement, or place are starting to make you feel restless. You feel a strong need to be everywhere. It may be necessary to gain the support of others before giving in to your desire to come out.

The crab

Other people may want to experiment with new routines and methods, but if you are not interested in joining them, refuse to follow this. It would be better to stick to the tried and tested ones.


People are interested in what you have to say. In addition, you have the amazing ability to understand the point that others are trying to make. Don't be surprised if you find yourself taking charge of a group situation.


You don't have to do things right all the time to lead others. This is not the kind of person other people trust or want to listen to. It helps them see that you are only human and not perfect.


You can't ignore it when you feel that someone close to you is taking your kindness and generosity too much for granted. A close relationship is in trouble. This needs to be resolved and you can only do this by letting your partner know how you really feel.


One way to make good use of high levels of mental and physical energy will be to start a project that is meaningful to you. It doesn't matter if others aren't interested. Decide what you want to do and stick with that goal.


You are tired of meeting regularly with friends who maintain the same routine, do the same things, and the conversations are repeated over and over again. Speak up and let people know you want something different. A creative friend will have some great ideas for where you can all go for fun.


Ideas shared within the family are creative while a home improvement project is underway. Some suggestions are meaningless. A good way to decide which ideas are worth it will be to consider the cost. If it seems like the budget will be too much, consider an alternative.


You need work or a project that will bring you more satisfaction. You can't spend all your time on routines that don't provide stimulation. Volunteering can help fill a void that is making you feel bored and anxious.


The routines your partner or housemate fell into no longer suit you. Just because they have always followed certain customs, you don't have to follow suit. It's time to create the life you want to live instead of living the life others choose for you.