Horoscope for March 26 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for March 26 by Russell Grant


You feel that a new friend is keeping a lot of secrets from you. It seems like you learn something new about them every day. Think things through carefully before making decisions. The outlook for a new project looks promising.


People admire the way you have everything so well planned and organized. The more efficient side of your nature is evident as you will need to use it to the full in order to get a group project back on track.


Some results of your efforts will seem to come naturally, while others will be achieved with good planning. You are a good strategist and everyone seems to want you on their team. When it comes to overcoming a challenge, you will quickly decide on the action steps you need to take to help solve the problem.

The crab

Ask for more time to think before responding to an unexpected offer or proposal. At first you will be eager and interested, but after weighing the pros and cons, you will reconsider.


You have a health or financial issue that needs to be discussed. Staying calm and being patient with someone who is trying to express their feelings will be the best way to handle this sensitive situation. Judging by someone's relieved response, you'll know you're doing the right thing.


Someone you thought you knew well will surprise you by accepting their different moods and fantasies. You can't keep up with the mood swings of a close friend or partner when one moment they want one thing, the next, another.


You feel betrayed by someone who didn't keep a promise or let you down at the last moment. You realize that they never meant to help or support you. You need to decide where to focus your energy now. A breach of trust should not prevent you from achieving a personal goal.


You can get some reliable advice before making a decision or taking an action that can lead you down a new path. It's important to weigh all the different options before making a potentially life-changing choice. You will feel less limited when you free yourself from the attachments that stop you from exploring new paths.


Although you understand how much an elderly relative needs you, their demands will interfere with your plans. The best thing you can do is think through the downsides that could come from this.


You are becoming increasingly aware of how someone is abusing the trust other people have in them. If this situation continues, people will get hurt. There is a lack of empathy and understanding in a group situation.


You are ready for a change. Although you won't leave others feeling completely left out, you will be pulling out of some long-term deals.


An online chat will open your mind to a part of your life that you have recently refused to accept. It will take courage, but you have to face this situation to find a solution.