Horoscope for March 25 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for March 25 by Russell Grant


The fear of making the wrong decision is holding you back. You have a difficult choice to make. There is no point in asking other people for advice as no two suggestions will be the same. All you can do is spend some time alone. Listen to your intuition and trust your heart.


One's lack of care and patience will not get the end result you expect. You will find it difficult to deal with their impulsive decisions and actions. It might be better to suggest that you take on some freelance work.


A team effort will allow you to put your skills to good use. You are at the beginning of something new and want to learn everything you can about it. Your quick mind and love of learning will help you achieve your goals.

The crab

You are thinking too much about everything and this is preventing you from taking action. A quiet time will only help you sort out your thoughts. Calming the mind will allow you to eliminate all that is negative in your life. If you have a decision to make between different options, try to feel which one resonates with your heart space.


Be prepared to take on a financial situation if you feel there is some equity in the way mutual funds are being treated. You shouldn't get paranoid about it, but stay alert.


An agreement cannot be reached. Friends will try to include you. Refuse to take an interest in what they are doing. You have a lot to do on your own and don't have time to get involved in situations you think won't work out.


A situation that is going badly will work to someone else's advantage. You will ask: why me? This is a victim mentality that will only attract more problems your way. Shift your perspective to something more positive. There are ways you can take advantage of this situation.


You are being given a chance to expand your horizons. The change it will bring seems scary and it makes you feel unsure of what to do next. Looking at past experiences will help you make this important choice.


You tend to act on your instincts. This seems like the best way to keep things moving forward, but is it reasonable? You can, for example, accept methods that have not been properly tested. Remember that you will have to take responsibility for the impulsive decisions made today.


Family members are giving ideas on how to improve the home decor. Some of these will be wonderful. Others are not very practical and you will be the first to point that out. You don't want to sound too critical. Make alternative suggestions instead.


Commitments you agreed to in the past are now beginning to feel restrictive. You may not have expected that some arrangements have gone on for so long and you feel tied down and want to be free. Don't be surprised if you find yourself longing for something very different.


You are more aware than usual of the benefits of preparation. You are likely to be in contact with someone who has it easier and this is because they have worked hard to organize their life. They can give you some tips on how to use your time more efficiently.