Horoscope for February 22 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for February 22 by Russell Grant


Keep some of your thoughts to yourself, to protect your ideas. You may want to talk, but wait until you are able to think more about your plans before discussing them. If you bring incomplete ideas to conversations, someone may be tempted to steal them from you.


Someone at home is starting to feel like you're neglecting them. They are angry about the amount of time you are spending elsewhere. Your involvement in a charity or community project will have its pros and cons. You enjoy some challenges, but it is not always easy to succeed.


Your approach to money and spending should be more practical. If you keep tight control on how your hard-earned money is spent, you'll have less to worry about in the future.

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You have to keep your mind at work. If you let your thoughts wander, it can delay progress and cause unnecessary problems. Focusing on a work or study goal will be a good way to forget about personal worries for a short time.


Someone who is very persuasive is trying to get some facts out of you. Confidential information communicated to you must be kept confidential. Even if it means telling a white lie or two, make sure you don't reveal it all.


New opportunities are ahead, but don't rush to commit to anything of a long-term nature. Be sure to investigate the offers and opportunities thoroughly. Take on new responsibilities only after weighing the pros and cons. Care should be the key word.


When it comes to joint finances, give and take will be necessary to reach a fair compromise. It will be important to pay off outstanding debts before they get out of hand. You and your partner can agree to give up pleasure for the sake of financial responsibility.


Tension is building between you and a close friend. A frustration, or a recent argument is hanging in the air between you. You're telling yourself it doesn't matter, but it does. Strong emotions are coming to the surface. It is difficult to distinguish between what is real and what is in the imagination.


You have difficulty getting anyone you live with to understand your point of view. It could be because of the way you are expressing your thoughts. One is beginning to worry about how it might be affected. Explain their position in your plans to get a more positive response.


You hope to find time to resolve a relationship, project or deal that has gone a little off track. A misunderstanding is causing problems between you and a close friend, as it may have created a barrier between you. Time to break this down.


An offer to take on a more responsible role will also be a chance for you to earn more money. There is little doubt what your answer will be. The opportunity to play a leading and important role in a large organization is something you won't want to turn down.


On pleasant days like today you can go at your own physical and mental pace. No one will try to push you or rush you and the people you spend your time with will be in complete harmony. Friendships are becoming closer and family life is more harmonious.