Horoscope for April 22 by Russell Grant 

Horoscope for April 22 by Russell Grant


You have to hold your own in new situations. Don't even give first impressions. Are you dissipating your energy? If you take on too much, you'll never get very far. You have taken on too much work at the same time.


After some difficulties with finances, an unexpected bonus will bring money to your pocket. This should allow you to treat yourself to something nice and you deserve it. A good way to help further your career would be to associate with important people in your field.


A new job or task will leave you behind. You will feel good that you have been offered this position, but you have to work long hours. This is the only drawback. As tempting as it may sound, you'd rather be in the middle of everything that's going on, so think carefully before you answer.

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Someone new will enter the work scene and suddenly some of your burdens will be lightened. It will not be easy, at first, to delegate your responsibilities, but in the end you will appreciate the ease it brings. You will feel good when you have more time available than expected.


A meeting you're not looking forward to may make you hesitant to proceed. It might even turn out to be a successful day and you'll look back and wonder why you were so worried.


Someone who is very persuasive will try to pressure you into joining their plans. This is something you may not want to do. You just know you won't fit in or it's not right for you. Insist on your original intentions.


Opportunities you would never have dreamed of are suddenly up for grabs. Make sure you make the most of it. Sometimes the best opportunities happen when you least expect it. Very soon you will be swept away by an exciting wave that will engulf your life.


The launch of a joint venture has been postponed several times now. You had high hopes for this project and it is not turning out as expected. A special event may be delayed or canceled due to a technical problem, or an occasion you had been looking forward to may turn out to be something of a disappointment.


There will be many journeys with involvement in a group and community. A large number of activities will keep you on your toes, just the way you like it. You may not have much time to hang out and chat, but the friends you make today will be the kind of friendship that lasts forever.


A new person will join your social circle. You will like this person from the beginning. You need plenty of energy if you want to get through everything you have to do today. You may find yourself doing several jobs at the same time.


Spending time with children and young people will get you back in touch with your inner child. Their natural sincerity will make a relaxing difference. If there's something you can't get off your mind, a long walk will do you good.


When you're always on the go, is it hard to know if you're going in the right direction or just going along with some out of the ordinary? You should give yourself some time to reflect on your past and think about the present and the future. Have you lost sight of your main goals? You will find them.