Horoscope for June 21 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for June 21 by Russell Grant


No matter how skilled you are, there are some who will continue to question your qualifications. To increase your potential for success, you may need to get the training you need to advance in your career.


You are determined to succeed at something you have never attempted before. If that means you have to make a quick change of plans, so be it. Your quick reactions will surprise some people. This is your chance to prove that you can be flexible when the need arises.


Continue until you reach the end. If you back out of what has been a difficult and time-consuming project, someone else will take credit for the work you've done so far. You are tempted to leave, but don't. Stay.

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The reason someone is going out of their way to belittle you is because they secretly feel threatened. Ignore their remarks when they criticize your contributions to a group effort. Keep believing in yourself and remember: positive thoughts will bring positive results. Advice on how to advance your career will come from a valuable contact.


Your boss is watching how you handle a difficult situation. The impression you leave on them will improve your prospects for promotion. Will be

your ability to take charge, lead and delegate your future direction. A valid proposal will be received soon.


Collaborating with like-minded others will get you closer to your goals. You often prefer to proceed alone. The jobs you are working on now are difficult and demanding. Without help you will become tired and irritable. Accept any support offered and you will see the advantage of making this a joint venture.


Someone is upset because you won't give up on your plans for them. Normally you would do anything for anyone, but not today. There are some things you will not put aside for the sake of keeping others happy. True friends will respect and appreciate your need to work on your priorities.


An emotional date will reveal big differences in how you and your partner handle finances. Your approach to money is more careful and disciplined. Deep thought is needed to decide how to move forward. Calling a financial consultant may be the answer.


The fewer distractions around you, the happier you will feel. You have some weighty matters to consider. If you feel that your career is going in the wrong direction, it's time to make a change. A creative manager will make you an interesting offer.


You are fully capable of handling a difficult job yourself. Your confidence may drop when you face some difficult people. Ignore their negative remarks. Refuse to be told what to do. Good progress will be made without their help.


Life lacks challenge and everything is becoming too routine. You need something new to deal with. Volunteering your services at a great charity event will be a good use of your skills. This will also pave the way for you to enter a new career field.


You need interests, activities and pastimes that stimulate your imagination. Whether you're looking for a job or starting a course of study, make sure you choose one that offers plenty of intellectual stimulation. You will also benefit from a change of scenery. Vibrant colors and enticing scents will get the creativity flowing.