Horoscope for May 21 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for May 21 by Russell Grant


A workgroup needs to be regrouped. Those in power are not faithful to their promises. More people need to feel that they are represented in policies that are likely to affect aspects of their lives. A work or neighborhood environment is becoming increasingly toxic. Your involvement should be seriously considered.


Be sure to put your phone on silent mode when you are attending an emergency meeting. You'll be glad you did when someone else's completely inappropriate ring interrupts an important conversation. You may be required to work extra hours to meet a deadline.


If workplace relationships have become toxic, ask about a position that gives you the freedom to work from home. Life is too short to get involved in petty disagreements, and you shouldn't feel like you have to agree to everything to keep working relationships in harmony.

The crab

You have trouble separating the good from the bad when it comes to a new friend or colleague. You're not sure if you can really trust them. They will surely have an interesting personality, but they seem suspicious to you.


An old colleague keeps changing his mind about what he wants from you. Colleagues are not reliable. You may have to break a promise to cooperate with your boss. The alternative is to ignore everyone else and come out on top yourself.


An elderly colleague or relative who tries to intimidate you will regret it. You happen to know something about them that contradicts their good reputation. If they insist on continuing to hurt you, you can exploit their weakness mercilessly if you wish.


Start preparing for a professional presentation. You should not leave this until the last minute. All ideas you present must be backed up with facts and figures. This is your chance to promote your skills. You will make such a good impression that you will be asked to give a speech.


You are tired of responsibilities that take time and are no longer enjoyable. You and a relative or colleague will make a rewarding exchange of an object or service later in the day.


You will question some decisions you have made. When you see how much this is affecting someone close to you, you may start to wonder if you did the right thing. You are doing your best to address the issues facing a relative.


Changes to the terms of a business agreement will not suit you. You may understand that others involved are struggling to address certain issues, but feel that there are other solutions. However, you have already put your name down.


Be sure to accept an invitation to a party or festive gathering. Team up with some creative people in your community and you'll find a way to solve a social dilemma. In addition to meeting some well-connected people, you'll rub shoulders with some talented individuals.


Financial worries center on money that has been lent but not repaid. Whether you are the creditor or the debtor, either way this is a problem that needs to be resolved or there will be some serious consequences.