Horoscope for May 20 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for May 20 by Russell Grant


A trip will bring you luck. Someone you meet on a trip will make you an interesting proposal. The opportunities to enjoy yourself are here. Positive thinking makes you feel happy and healthy. Just don't get involved in anything too risky.


Accepting the help of a well-intentioned friend or colleague will make you regret it when they mess up an important project. You will walk faster alone. Put your time and energy into tasks that require individual effort rather than those that require others.


Suggest to yourself and a partner that you do something new and completely different if you think you can get more out of your hours outside of work. Accept an invitation for an unexpected trip.

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Home life will be unusual. This may mean that you will withdraw from social plans already made. Friends will complain, but your first priority will be taking care of your family's needs. A private matter must be kept quiet for a certain time. Refuse to help someone who is not worth it.


Appreciate every second when you get together with a friend you haven't seen in a while. You both have a lot of work to do. An advertising campaign can be successfully launched whether this is on behalf of a professional or voluntary organization or if you are in business for yourself.


You'll just have to be patient if some jobs take longer to do than originally planned. Release any frustration through exercise. Use your imagination if someone asks you for advice on a work-related problem. If they approach it from a different perspective, they can have greater success.


Think before you speak to avoid hurting someone's feelings. Finances can be a reason for discord at home. A partner will claim to have been careful with his spending. You can give them some examples to prove otherwise.


Solitary activities like writing, meditating, reading and listening to music will help you cultivate positive things in your life. A little meditation will help you regulate your thoughts. A new romance or friendship may seem uncertain, but with persistence it can be an unforgettable relationship.


A relative will let you in on a secret. You might wish you had kept your mouth shut. You don't want to hear about the clandestine activities of others. Someone will post a photo or comment about you on a social media site that could damage your professional reputation. Ask to remove it.


If you hope to be offered a good job, you need to prove that you are the best candidate for the job. Emphasize how productive you can be, with or without supervision. A chance to showcase your creative work is not an opportunity to turn away from, even if it means changing plans already made.


Your mindset is positive and you are ready to face a new and exciting challenge. The only obstacle in your way is someone who refuses to move with the times. If finances allow, this would be a good time to have fun.


The rumors you hear will bring feelings of resentment about a past love. This part of your life is over. Get it out of your mind. An emotional dilemma can be resolved through logical reasoning. Someone at home is more willing to open up and discuss their true feelings.