Horoscope for April 15 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for April 15 by Russell Grant


Consider your own behavior and attitude before accusing someone of being stubborn and slanderous. Arguments can be avoided if you take a different approach. You will agree on plans for the next vacation.


You will feel resentful when asked to take on someone else's responsibilities. You don't believe the excuse why they can't complete a certain task. You are bored with repetitive routines. Some things you are doing now, you can do with your eyes closed.


The vacation plans you agreed to are turning out to be more expensive than expected. You'd better set a spending limit or you won't be very happy in the future.

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Avoid materialistically minded friends. Their obsession will start to wear you down. The happiness you seek now will be found in spending more time on enjoyable and rewarding activities. Spiritual and intellectual companionship will bring you more joy than gatherings in crowded places.


A friend that you have always helped and supported seems to be getting back at you quite aggressively. It will surprise you when they disagree with your views and oppose your plans. You will feel despair when people do not show gratitude after everything you have done for them.


Take the opportunity to spend quality time with a partner. An old love will contact you if you are single. They will want to pick up where they last left off. Remind yourself that you broke up for a reason and don't let them talk you into going against your better judgment.


Someone is making a habit of trying to manipulate you. They seem to think that you will back down to enable them to do what they want to do. It's time to decline if you're not eager to join them. Go away.


Teaming up with a fellow creative will feel like one of the best moves you've made in a long time. You can make a valuable asset, but also a good friend. You may want to reassess a situation and your current plans as your needs are changing.


It will be fun to indulge your social side and get away from other responsibilities. You may be busy, but you can't ignore someone close to you who is starting to feel neglected. Leave some time in your schedule so you can give her more love and attention.


Keep your thoughts to yourself if you think someone talks too much and does too little. You will achieve faster results by doing some things yourself. Even though you are upset, conversations will be more harmonious if you are less antagonistic.


You may feel bad, but stop before you speak your mind. Although it may seem like a senior colleague is being unfair to you, you may not realize how much time and effort they are spending behind the scenes to make certain jobs run better.


Someone will do everything possible to get you to agree to go ahead with their plans. You have to keep doing things your way, regardless of what they may have to say. A recent disagreement you had with a partner has left some tension in the air.