Horoscope for April 10 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for April 10 by Russell Grant


A partner cannot continue. You're wondering why they aren't as enthusiastic as you about a challenge you recently undertook together. You are not giving them enough time to get everything. Try not to show your impatience.


Your mood and thoughts are serious. Some people will comment on how calm you are. Sneaking away from a large group will give you a better chance to think. Quiet activities such as listening to music, communing with nature and reading will make life less stressful. Even thinking about your place in the Universe can be liberating.


Follow the rules if you are dealing with an official or government agency. Someone who has had experience in an area you are confused about will help you fight for your rights. Joining an exercise group will provide a good outlet for emotional frustration.

The crab

You may have to be the adult in the room when you feel tension, but no one will explain what's going on. When someone is rude to you, instead of responding in kind, you would do better to keep your lips sealed and stay in the background.


After struggling with a project for a while, suddenly you're getting much better results. You realize that this may not shape how events will turn out, but you are beginning to feel cautiously optimistic. Being punctual and careful seems to be a good approach.


A need to achieve certain goals will result in damage to your health. You're doing too much and it's causing pain and stress-related symptoms. Let common sense be your guide. Be sure to stop when you know you've gone too far.


Once you see what other people can do and what can be achieved by working on a specific plan, you will be determined to make better use of your time. As you explore your career prospects, new opportunities will begin to emerge. Believe the people who tell you, you can do it.


An attractive offer will sound too good to be true. Refuse to answer because the moment you do, you're being scammed. Take extra precautions with your passwords and bank accounts.


An offer or opportunity someone makes you could cost you a lot of money. You may not have anticipated investing so much to get the high returns they promise and you should think about whether this is really a worthwhile investment.


You're ready to make a serious commitment, but something is holding you back. The situation may not seem good to you and yet you cannot understand what is making you feel this way. Listen to your intuition. Wait for a better offer.


Being a mentor suits you. Sharing your skills and knowledge with others makes you feel good. You have a lot of admiration for someone who is trying to improve their performance and would offer any help they might need. A neighbor will be grateful for your advice on a social problem.


From anonymous callers to fake messages, be wary of potential scams. Someone making you an offer will create a sense of urgency that makes you think you need to do something and do it now. Be careful. Don't trust them.