Horoscope for August 10 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for August 10 by Russell Grant


Do some research on a friend or partner's money making suggestions. You tend to dismiss their ideas as strange dreams. Someone looking into your family history will discover information that will be both interesting and amusing.


A home improvement project is causing some temporary turmoil. If you need an electrician or plumber, friends on social networks will provide useful recommendations. Beautifying your surroundings will have an uplifting effect on your emotions and your family life. Pleasant workplace distractions will make your work seem more like fun.


With a little charm and diplomacy, you will be able to convince someone close to you to go ahead with your ideas. Tension in the home can be eased if you give a family member more freedom to set the agenda. If you have not paid much attention to family matters, you will have a lot of work to do.

The crab

There's a lot going on around you and you're surrounded by people, but it's making you feel a little uncomfortable. It could be your instincts telling you to be wary of someone, and you're trying to figure out why you feel that way without making your suspicions too obvious.


Despite your best efforts to avoid conflict in the workplace, you may face the problem of having to answer for something you didn't do. If you explain the situation honestly, it could mean getting a colleague in trouble.


You will be surprised by someone who seems not interested in what is happening, but will make some unusual suggestions. After you've thought about what they've said, you can agree to step back and give them a chance to lead. With your encouragement, they will shine.


A lot has happened recently, and although you can take a break, you will find it difficult to relax. Now it is almost impossible to concentrate on anything. It's hard to explain to others why you feel so anxious when you don't even understand it yourself. What you really need is to rest and recharge.


Don't be surprised if they trust you with more than one secret. You are very good at keeping what you hear to yourself and that is why others find it easy to trust you. As you listen to someone's words, you may find a great idea on how to help them solve their problems.


A colleague will put you in touch with an exciting opportunity. An offer will surprise you. Put aside any anxiety and seize the opportunity. This is your chance to apply talents effectively. Sharing a task with another can lead to romance if you are single.


Someone long gone is coming home. If they stay, it will mean some important changes, and you are in two minds about it. An older partner or relative has a lot of influence on the family budget. Becoming financially independent is a current priority.


You are learning more about yourself through the relationships and experiences you are having now. A joint effort will allow you to cultivate your strengths. Working with the right people will not only be the best way to get the job done, but it will help you solve the problems you've been facing lately.


You have the opportunity to use a creative talent. Don't hesitate to use what you do well to fill your budget. It will not be easy to keep your feelings under control in a very emotional situation until the end of the day. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.