Horoscope for March 1 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for March 1 by Russell Grant


You are in a hurry to achieve results. Some people will prefer to move more slowly. If you need their support to get things done, slow down. A careless comment can lead to a misunderstanding. A creative opportunity will be exciting, but take your time.


A colleague lets you down by making promises they know they can't keep. You don't judge them because they lack certain skills, but you'll be upset that they're removed as more skilled than they are.


Completing a long-term project will give you more time to reinvent yourself. What you may not have realized until now is how much others appreciate the effort it took you to achieve this goal. The praise that comes is well deserved.

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Emotions have an impact on your cognitive function. A practical friend will not understand how it empowers the parts of your brain to listen to your heart. If someone tries to convince you to ignore your feelings, you will feel like this is a form of rejection.


Don't be surprised if you find yourself rubbing shoulders with some ambitious people at a glamorous social event. Agree to join forces with a talented friend and together you will create something beautiful that has lasting value.


Someone will try to distract you from completing a task or achieving a goal. If it's important to you to get on with what you want to do, you can easily do it.


In a test or interview situation, you will need to say exactly the right thing at the right time. Timing will be crucial if you want to make the most of a business or money opportunity.


A misunderstanding can be resolved even if it means you are the one who has to extend an olive branch. The tension in a partnership has caused you discomfort, and you'll want to do everything you can to ease this.


Once you have to spend a significant amount to replace a worn out appliance or vehicle, you won't have any money to spare. A friend will be surprised that you refuse a social invitation, but you simply cannot afford to spend on entertainment.


Be ready and prepared to take the initiative on key issues. Hesitation would only waste your time. In some situations you have to think and act quickly. Advanced research will be necessary if you are participating in an interview or a test.


The difficult behavior of an older relative will put you under a lot of emotional pressure. However, refrain from being overly dramatic in your reaction, or a rift is likely to occur. You will feel excited, powerful and passionate about some new ideas.


Anything that challenges you physically, emotionally or intellectually will appeal to you. You might make your first attempt at a new sport, get started on the novel you've always wanted to write, or enjoy a passionate date. Are you ready for a challenge?