Horoscope for December 1 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for December 1 by Russell Grant


Learning the customs and pastimes of a different culture can result in a powerful transformation. You or someone close to you will be thinking about working abroad in the near future. This is a good time to start a new relationship if you are single. You might meet someone special.


A new relationship doesn't seem to have gotten off to a good start, and you're bracing yourself for the worst. You will be surprised when your partner organizes something special that will turn those negative thoughts and feelings into the opposite.


You are mentally and spiritually in tune with your closest friends and family. This makes it easy to make important joint decisions. Your boss or another senior colleague will ask you for answers or suggestions.

The crab

You soak up other people's moods and emotions like a sponge. You will feel it immediately if a friend is feeling down. Likewise, you will feel happy for someone who has something to celebrate. Although there are obstacles ahead, stay hopeful. There will be success on the other side of these obstacles.


Something is making you feel angry and resentful. Your negative mood and emotions will begin to affect a close relationship if you don't make a conscious effort to deal with whatever is making you so unhappy. Increasing harmony within yourself will make it easier to build better relationships.


An old colleague will make you an interesting offer. This opportunity will not be repeated. Be ready to give a quick response as there will be many others who will want to grab this chance to improve their lives. Don't give up what should be yours because care gets in the way.


Settle an issue between you and a friend or partner. Be willing to discuss things. A mix-up or misunderstanding can be fixed. A heart-to-heart talk will help clear the air and get you back on the path to mutual happiness.


You tend to feel negatively about an offer someone makes you. Ignore this first reaction. Instead, give yourself a chance to think about it and you'll be surprised at how the idea will slowly begin to appeal to you. The changes that are happening now will turn out to be for the better.


Derisa të vijë mundësia e duhur, mund të ndjeni se puna e palodhur dhe talentet tuaja po shpërfillen. Shefi juaj dhe kolegët e dinë saktësisht se çfarë jeni në gjendje të bëni dhe kur të bëhet një ofertë që është shumë e mirë për t'u refuzuar, do të kuptoni se sa shumë ju respektojnë.


Ka diçka që po ndodh në jetën tuaj që do të dëshironi ta mbani sekret nga dikush që mund t'ju prishë gjithçka. Edhe pse një mik ose i afërm do të mohonte çdo qëllim për të vjedhur idetë tuaja ose për t'ju penguar, ju më mirë nuk do të rrezikoni. Ata kanë ndërhyrë më parë dhe ju nuk do t'i lejoni ta bëjnë këtë më.


You wonder if there is an ulterior motive behind your partner's or best friend's insistence on pleasing you. Whatever you need, all you have to do is ask and they will make you happy. If there is a reason behind all this extra goodness, it doesn't matter. You will see it in the future. For now, enjoy yourself.


You have an intuitive sense of what will bring the most happiness to those you care about. If there were problems in the relationship, take the opportunity to fix them. People will appreciate your honesty and the way you present your thoughts in a charming and diplomatic manner.