Monthly Horoscope Sagittarius - Capricorn

Monthly Horoscope Sagittarius - Capricorn


During this month, your new ideas or proposals regarding the current or future business will have an interesting development.

The work or education of a relative will be a priority for you this month.

In April, avoid conflicts, as you are inclined to achieve important results and successes. There is no point in causing unnecessary tension in your daily life. Be patient and have more faith in the things you are given to experience.

During this month many of you will be away from home for one, two or more days on a more important occasion.

This will be a month in which you will have a favorable time to make decisions about moving to a new house, or buying a new property.

During this month, many will be satisfied with financial income. An increase in income is possible through a new contract or other financial document.

The month of April will be tricky to travel.

Boys and girls will have to accept the guidance of an older man who can be a father, teacher or mentor. The influence of men this month on building your personality, making decisions and other important everyday matters will be very strong. In general, April brings an opportunity to accomplish important tasks, but you will find it difficult to do it alone.

Men will have their little occasions for joy. You will have occasions to gather with friends or acquaintances. Your life in April will be interesting and in no case boring. However, you will have to let go of dysfunctional relationships or unpromising plans and ideas. In this regard, some changes in your life will be necessary.

Women will be charged with new tasks and jobs. You will need compliments, romantic or intimate experiences and more attention to yourself. Appearance will certainly matter, but so will your intelligence, the ability to communicate with different people. April will be a favorable month for travel, or for visiting the home of relatives and friends who live far away.


In APRIL you will discuss some changes or innovations in your workplace, which may include a new person in your team or the development of some new projects.

Relations with colleagues or business partners who have recently entered your professional circle will be promising.

During this month, problems may arise in your love or romantic relationships.

In general, this will be a favorable month to start a new romantic relationship if you are single.

The month of April will be a favorable month for travel, for the development of professional relationships.

This month will be important for you as you will have to make an important decision in a very short time.

Boys and girls will spend a month with various trials, difficult decisions, obstacles and difficulties of all kinds. Unpleasant news related to people you know is possible. People you were close to in your past will somehow reappear in your life. The troubles you will have during this period will not be solved with a magic wand and may continue even beyond this period.

Men will have the opportunity to reflect on their lives so far and in the future. Time to take stock, time to make difficult decisions, to separate, but also to meet again. You can talk with friends about topics related to your personal life, listen to their opinion, but make independent decisions. Your expectations for a meeting or gathering will be realized, but there will be no shortage of surprises.

Women will be vulnerable because they will tend to believe words and not actions. You will be influenced by compliments and promises that are not true. Any action related to documents or money will require attention.