Monthly horoscope Libra - Scorpio

Monthly horoscope Libra - Scorpio


In APRIL there will be worries about a trip, which can be related to a number of reasons.

If you must travel this month, prepare for any situation. Don't let anything surprise you.

In April, your financial matters will require more attention. Avoid rash actions as you may suffer an unpleasant loss.

Avoid any form of gambling or offers related to easy money.

At your workplace, focus on your tasks. Avoid commenting on the work of your colleagues or supervisors. There is always someone who will take advantage of this and insult you.

During this month, you will expect the development of an event in the life of your relative, who is in the process of realizing an important change at work or in his personal life.

During this month, some of the pleasant experiences will be related to marriage, your personal life, as well as other surprises that fate will bring you.

Your love life may experience a revival. For some of you, there will be an opportunity to rekindle a long-lost love relationship or friendship.

Let boys and girls be more active and responsible for their household duties. Running away from them and ignoring them can be the cause of trouble in your family. April will bring you interesting opportunities to perform, to show your knowledge and skills, but everything should be presented well. April brings trouble with a woman who will have a negative attitude towards you.

Men will have interesting conversations, not only about personal or professional issues, but also about topics that will be current in society. You will have positive expectations for the development of some events this month. Fake news and its thoughtless or hasty distribution will require attention this month.

Women will have a strong and successful time, with opportunities to show their skills in the career or business in which they are involved. Your personal (love) life may also move to a new level of development. You may have good chances for success or stabilization in the financial sphere as well. In April, expect to receive a large volume of information on life topics important to you. You may need to read or write more than usual.


In APRIL you will spend an interesting period for your professional development.

Many of you can expect a change at work, or a favorable development of various innovations.

In April, a stressful situation will be created in your family, which at some point will take a strange or unexpected turn.

If you are getting married this month, in general, the tension will be very high and this will inevitably reflect your mood, but it will not change your plans.

In April, an unexpected payment or another situation will arise that will require spending money, which will not be much, but will cause irritation in you, or you will be angry with someone.

Your old plans and ideas, which you have rejected or forgotten, will have the opportunity to develop.

This will be a favorable month for treatment or therapy, for recovery after a period of tension.

One of the events you will remember this month will be of a financial nature.

Boys and girls will spend an interesting time, because they will have the opportunity for a clearer picture of the future. In conversations with close people or friends you will discover new ideas or opportunities for progress. A woman or a girl will have a favorable influence on your affairs this month.

Men will be excited, or impressed by interesting, unexpected information, but try to check everything before reacting. April brings you positive news and new opportunities, but it will be important for you to work quietly, without spreading information about actions that are important to you. The month of April brings many interesting surprises for you.

Women will engage in a serious task that will be important to loved ones, friends, colleagues, etc. In terms of health, attention and care will be required of you, not only for you personally, but also for the people close to you. This can be very stressful for you at times.