Leo - Virgo monthly horoscope

Leo - Virgo monthly horoscope


April brings anxiety and impatience, which can be related to receiving important documents or information for you.

This tension can sometimes be the cause of your nervousness when dealing with other people or representatives of different institutions.

In terms of love, your emotional state can also reflect negatively on your partner's relationship and cause unwanted arguments or conflicts.

What will be important for you now is to maintain emotional stability and patience. Exercise greater self-control over your actions and reactions.

In April, the health of a loved one may be a problem, related to a specific treatment.

Unpleasant financial commitments this month will be related to various documents, repayment of a loan or the need to obtain one, etc.

During this month, try to control your personal or family budget as much as possible.

In April, you will have to clarify your relationship with a woman who will try to influence you with various manipulations in making decisions or in your lifestyle.

This will be a favorable period of time for travel, especially if it concerns moving to another residence for work purposes or starting a new family life.

In general, your professional or business relationships with people near and far will develop favorably this month.

Some of you will have to deal with unexpected repairs in your home or have commitments with the property you own.

Boys and girls will try to make concrete plans for their future, at least for the next six months. You will feel a very strong influence, sometimes weighing you down, from people in your circle of relatives. Proposals, invitations or information that may have a significant impact on your professional plans will require attention.

Men will have important conversations about plans and tasks important to the family or work. A reason to get together this month may be a friend of yours. New contacts and acquaintances with people you will meet in interesting or unusual circumstances are not excluded. Your financial affairs will develop without surprises, which does not mean that you should minimize their importance. You are going through a very important period for your personal development, in which you will have to adapt to the circumstances of the country where you live.

Women will be restless, unstable, sensitive and emotional. This will positively affect your personal life to some extent, but moments of chaos and confusion are not excluded. During this month you will have the opportunity to make some important purchases for yourself, or improvements for the home. Your health will require care.


In APRIL you will have the opportunity to create and develop a pleasant and useful acquaintance or friendship with a woman.

Her knowledge, advice, professional experience or contacts will be useful to you.

During this month, act very carefully in your financial affairs, as you will be vulnerable to hasty decisions, mistakes or entering into a contract. Then, your decisions or actions may turn out to be a mistake or cause you an unwanted loss.

This month, some of you will be pleasantly surprised by the appearance of a new person in the workplace, who will have a very strong influence on the entire team.

During this month, you may receive an offer or useful information that will affect your current professional position, or reveal an opportunity for a new job.

In April you will have a meeting or another pleasant event related to a close person who may be your relative or friend.

You will experience moments of sadness, or a discrepancy in the expectations you have for your child or grandchild. It is possible that the absence of a loved one from your home is a reason for sadness and negative mood.

Many will experience unexpected events in their careers, which in most cases will have a positive impact.

Some of you will have a specific reason to be happy about something you've been looking forward to, or have been working on for the past few months.

Boys and girls will expect the development of various events or relationships that will somehow determine future plans and not only for this year. You will have more writing, documentary work and generally more intellectual activity. Your financial matters will also be an important priority in your life this month.

Men will think about what to change in their lives, under the influence of the energy that spring brings. You will have different ideas, but in fact it will be better to put an end to some troubles that have already arisen. You will benefit from associating or working with people who have more experience and knowledge than you, whether you like it or not.

For women, some complex, emotional experiences are ahead, which will bring you face to face with dishonest or hypocritical people. The discoveries you will make this month will be related to the dishonest actions of people both from the past and from the close environment. You will be very strongly attracted to meeting someone of whom you had a better opinion.