Aries - Taurus monthly horoscope

Aries - Taurus monthly horoscope


In APRIL you will have interesting new acquaintances, development of old friendships.

Carefully accept an offer or invitation from a person with whom you have a recent acquaintance.

During this month, problems and troubles will arise related to a health problem (most likely of a relative), which will arise suddenly and have an unclear or unpredictable development.

Spring and the month of April bring important events in your love life.

In April, an interesting idea or opportunity for change will arise thanks to your friendships, which will have a favorable impact on your financial situation.

The month of April will be a special month for boys and girls. It will be remembered with the development of important events in your family, at school or in your career. Many of your plans for this month will depend on financial resources, or the help you can get from family. There will be a chance to achieve success or progress in school, university or in your work.

Men will start this month with some interesting ideas and plans, but you will know from the beginning that their implementation will not be easy. In fact, everything will depend on your ambition and patience, or you will tend to quickly abandon your plans. A personal car that you use almost every day will require attention this month. Be careful when you are behind the wheel and avoid aggression or aggressive people on the road.

Women will have very high expectations for this month, relying on greater freedom or more opportunities to implement their plans. Disappointments can come from misjudging certain people or circumstances. It may turn out that you are in a hurry for something, or you are late for something else. The events of April will undoubtedly make you change your lifestyle, work style and make decisions about these potential problems. If you allow stagnation, things will have a completely different development in your life.


In APRIL, you will go through an emotional experience related to an unpleasant conflict, which will seriously worsen your relationship with someone and may even lead to separation.

In April, you will be inclined to easily create new friendships and acquaintances, each of which will have a meaning for you or have a specific purpose.

You will tend to carefully choose the environment that surrounds you and you will not waste time with people you have nothing to talk to.

This month will be mainly a productive period for you, as through new acquaintances or through the people you will be in contact with you will be able to learn many new things, improve your knowledge, or enter a phase of new development.

In April, you will have more expenses in the family, which can create tension between people in your home, and there may even be an exchange of accusations, who spends how much and for what.

In general, this month, be very careful in the conflicts you will be involved in, as their development will be unpredictable and may create unwanted chaos in important relationships.

Boys and girls will have to be more careful in spending their monetary resources. Whether you study or work, you'll need to spend this month saving and planning more of your money. It is possible that you will be the subject of fraud, or be involved in another unpleasant situation that will cost you money. Even the suggestions or advice of friends this month will have to be examined carefully and any act of trust or naivety should be avoided.

Men will be in the mood for different emotional or romantic experiences regardless of their age or situation. You will especially enjoy compliments related to your appearance or skills. April will be a successful month for you. You will receive useful information, an important offer, or an invitation.

Women will be under the influence of an emotional loss that they suffered a few months ago. Of course, a stressful situation will open your eyes to new things in life that you didn't pay attention to or didn't care about before. During this month, you will have important commitments related to contracts or various financial agreements. An important event is coming in your family or in your circle of relatives.