Monthly horoscope Gemini - Cancer

Monthly horoscope Gemini - Cancer


In APRIL, you will experience a series of important events that will continue to unfold almost throughout the year.

Each can bring you success or be a prerequisite for the emergence of new favorable opportunities and changes in your life.

The month of April will be a favorable time for the development of a court case in your favor or for its successful conclusion.

During this month, it will be important for you to receive a document, notice or proposal that will determine the direction in which you will develop your idea. You may be anxious or nervous until these things come true.

In April, you will have problems with a person who will try to deceive you with false information or use you in some way to achieve their own personal goals. This will provoke you to make a decision about your future relationship with this person.

In April you will finish a problem or commitment that will have to do with the property you own or that is in the possession of your family.

This will be a favorable period for home repairs and improvements that you have been planning for some time.

This spring you will experience an event related to an unexpected visit, or a meeting with a woman. It will definitely be an event that will fill you with positive emotions.

In April, you can expect a new person in your workplace.

In general, almost every one of you will start April with the hope of better success in work or business, as well as with a feeling or desire for a favorable change in the personal aspect.

Boys and girls will start this month with a changeable mood. You will be easily upset by unpleasant news, especially those related to your loved ones or people you know personally. Some failures will make you conflict with people whom you will consider guilty for the given situation.

Men will have reason to be proud of the results and successes achieved. Some important events or changes will happen in your family. The influence on your personal, professional or social life from other people will be positive for you.

Women will have to consider some health problems and pay enough attention to them. Whether you will go to a doctor, whether you will undertake any treatment or therapy, this will be your personal decision. During this month, you will experience an important event with a close person, or you will have a serious commitment (mostly personal) with such a person. April brings luck and new chances for women.

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In APRIL, several important events await you regarding your financial affairs. It is possible to receive money through relatives, business partners and others, which will be a source of joy and which you will use for important purposes.

During this month, you will enjoy a long-awaited success of a close person, who may be your relative or friend. What they will experience in April will affect your personal or family life in some favorable way.

During this month you will receive important support for the fulfillment of your desire or idea, which will come from a person outside your circle of relatives.

In April you will have to pay more serious attention to the psychological state of a person in your family who is emotionally experiencing a failure or disappointment.

During this period you will have to solve various problems.

April will be a favorable time for a change in your job, to start a new job or move to a new position, etc.

Many will be satisfied with an increase in their income, which will be due to good professional skills.

One of the surprises of this period will be related to a news or an event that will affect your romantic partner.

In the month of April, small disagreements will arise in your marriage and the advice is to avoid exchanging insults or accusations, because you will find it difficult to forget or forgive them.

Boys and girls will focus their attention on some important tasks that will have to be completed in April or the end of May. A strong influence on your actions and decisions will come from the people you live with. April brings many more opportunities to communicate with people from different distances who are your relatives or friends.

Men will have a shared activity or task with a family member. You will create new contacts, stabilize important connections and relationships. You can join new interest groups or commit to a cause. April brings good financial opportunities for you, but everything should be thought through and used as an opportunity, without risky actions and decisions.

Women will spend a very important month. You are ready to understand the periods of your life so far, as well as to design new plans for your future. Actions related to legal or judicial institutions will have a good development.