Aquarius - Pisces weekly horoscope

Aquarius - Pisces weekly horoscope


During the week of June 17 - 23, you will have to accept or approve the wishes or plans of a person in your family.

The actions and decisions of your loved ones will play an important role in your personal plans or expectations that you will have both this week and until the end of June.

During these seven days, be careful in your new contacts. A little extra reserve at first won't do you any harm.

It is likely that during these seven days you will have to deal more seriously with problems in your family or professional life (if you have one). Avoid exaggerating your problems and don't panic.

Some of your problems will find their natural solution already this week. Others, however, will need more time as their development depends largely on the actions and decisions of other people.

The good thing about this week is that you will be able to sort out the chaos in your thoughts. Thus, you will be able to focus on the realization of a certain goal or plan, which is your current priority.

After all, these seven days will be an important time for you, even if you do not experience any special events. The development that you will have as individuals based on experience, the various lessons that life has given you, will have their importance in the future.

Boys and girls will be surprised by different situations, meetings or phone conversations. In fact, a transformation is taking place in your life now, which may not be so bright, but which will definitely push you to move, to take a completely different direction. If you are ready for this change, you will definitely see your options more clearly and do what you need to do. The rest will continue their existence until they have the resources and readiness for what they now lack.

Men will have to communicate with more people who live or work in the same residence as them. In most cases, these will be men with whom you will have some common professional or social interests, hobbies or other specific activities. During this week, the interference of close people in your life may be somewhat pleasant, but it may seem annoying at some point.

Women will look for the reasons for the troubles that have arisen in recent days. Somehow you will not see your fault in them, but instead you will blame other people. This will not help you much, because by emotionally burdening yourself with such feelings, you can end a relationship with someone who is not your enemy at all.


Pay attention to your work and make sure your love affair is intact this week. No major professional challenge will arise until financial success exists.

Select past issues. Your dedication to work will add value to your profile. Both wealth and health will be positive this week.

Be careful with statements as your lover may misinterpret to create a mess in the relationship. Do not lose your temper during arguments and try to pamper your partner. Some women will find the relationship toxic and stifling and may walk away from it. The second part of the week is good for proposing to your love and getting a positive response. Women may feel that the interference of their partner's family is too much.

Be honest in the workplace and avoid arguments related to ego. You should focus on productivity. Stay away from controversy this week as it can demoralize you, affecting your productivity. Your innovative ideas will work while customers will also be impressed by your commitment.

Financially, you are lucky this week. Wealth will come from various sources. Some professionals may expect a pay rise which will affect their bank balance.

Be careful not to drive under the influence of alcohol. You should maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid unhealthy food. Eat more vegetables and fruits. Those with diabetes and cholesterol-related problems will seek medical attention.