Aquarius - Pisces weekly horoscope

Aquarius - Pisces weekly horoscope


During the week you will have to solve some unpleasant situations in your life with greater organization, patience and will.

This is a favorable time to get rid of commitments and unpromising relationships, things that cause you worry and stress.

During these seven days, you will be able to achieve harmony in your love or family relationships, sometimes at the cost of compromise on one side or the other.

You can please yourself or your loved ones with any purchase.

During this week you will not be able to control the events, but you will be able to participate in them.

Learn to follow the natural course of events in your life, as well as those that affect the society in which you live.

This week will be unfavorable for travel for work or business purposes and if necessary, prepare to overcome various unexpected situations.

This will be a challenging week for work related to travel, tourism.

Boys and girls will experience pleasant emotions with classmates or friends who, like you, will be enthusiastic about the new spring season. An unexpected meeting or a new acquaintance will bring additional excitement this week. In all this euphoria that will reign around you, it will be good to find time to be alone with yourself, reflecting on the experience and on what you consider to be a priority in the coming days.

Men will need to take a few steps back, take a look at a job they thought was finished, or reflect on a relationship they decided to end. A health problem can show you the limits of your possibilities.

Women will be in the mood to travel, communicate more with people from different distances, welcome guests or participate in various friendly meetings. During this week, an event in the life of a person from your circle of relatives can be an occasion for a meeting or for more dynamic conversations on the phone with relatives and friends. During this week, you should not allow yourself to be distracted. Such behavior can make someone want to harm you in some way.


During the week you will have to deal with some complicated or unwanted changes in your home.

The end result will sooner or later please you or bring you some benefit.

This will be a favorable week to discuss actions and issues related to inheritance or inherited properties.

During this week you may need to meet someone, but this will cause you worries or

During this week, an event or news related to a boy or a man from the circle of relatives will please you.

The week heralds news related to pregnancy or the birth of a child.

Let boys and girls prepare for a week of trials, during which they may receive unpleasant news, or experience a separation from a person they know personally. The events of this week will sometimes put you in front of difficult choices, or before making important decisions for which you may sometimes be unprepared. The many events of the week will inevitably reflect on your mood or health in some way.

Men will go through moments of uncertainty, restlessness, lack of mood or ambition, brief depression or lack of energy. This week you may be disappointed by other people's words or actions. It is possible to lie or deceive yourself about something or someone. Be careful in your dealings with people younger than you, who may try to deceive or manipulate you in some way.

Women will engage in work and commitments already started, the development of which continues to be slow, depending on different people or circumstances. The situation in your family will be complicated due to the emotional state of other people with whom you live under the same roof. Temporary separations with relatives are possible due to travel or other life situations. The week will be favorable for engagement or marriage, which have been postponed until now for various serious reasons.