Aquarius - Pisces weekly horoscope

Aquarius - Pisces weekly horoscope


During the week you will experience interesting events, sometimes related to a conversation or a proposal, something that can open up new opportunities for you.

These opportunities may affect your work, help you resolve family or health issues, or have other beneficial impacts on your life.

During the week, be open to new things and people that will appear in your life during these seven days.

During this week you will experience events that will bring you security or a greater dose of optimism regarding the development of important things in the life of a person in your family or circle of relatives.

In general, this week you will have more important, or more dynamic conversations related to people near and far.

Use the favorable influence of the week to fulfill your commitments regarding various documents or money matters.

During the week you can get loans for which there will be no difficulties, but think carefully about this step with the aim of returning it in the following months.

Many of the representatives of this horoscope sign will have opportunities for additional work, for a short period of time, but with a benefit for the family budget.

Avoid traveling during this week. If it is related to your work, be very careful with all the factors that ensure a smooth journey.

Boys and girls will spend a week with greater responsibilities at school, university or at the workplace. You will be asked to show what you have learned, mastered so far and let others see your true potential. During this week, avoid tricks when giving exams, presenting or performing important tasks, your work, as someone will definitely feel these actions of yours and you will end up in a very unpleasant situation. Avoid getting involved in conflicts or intrigues just because someone is your friend, or because you like someone. During this week you will be more sociable or you will have to communicate with more people from different distances.

The men will spend a week on the move. Java will ask you to maintain a specific position in different situations, which can sometimes cause you difficulties.

Women will have a wonderful spring time in which, depending on your perspective on things in life, on the one hand, you can have amazing experiences, or on the other hand, you can find yourself stuck. Some of the good moments, meetings or experiences will be related to a close person. During this week you will be excited by conversations or events related to the people you work with.


During the week of April 8-14, you will be part of important events and experiences of a close person or friend.

These seven days will be a favorable time for the development of your internal affairs, for repairs and improvements at home and for everything that is important to you at this time.

During this week, avoid being overly optimistic and idealistic about the development of your financial affairs.

Avoid getting excited by different offers, as some kind of fraud or manipulation that will cause you losses.

In general, your money affairs will be unpredictable, so don't be naive and don't take everything on faith.

During the week there will be an interesting development in your love life, especially for you who will create a new relationship during these seven days.

Boys and girls will need to talk frankly with a woman close to them about questions or concerns that have caused a concern in recent days and weeks. It is possible that you do not live in the same house as this woman, which will make it easier for you to talk to her. The various events this week will force you to grow up and look at them in a new way, more like an adult than like a child.

Men will easily cause conflicts during these seven days, as you will definitely lack patience and will be much more sensitive and emotional than usual. You can be much more aggressive in conflicts related to any document, contract or money. During the week you will be easily offended, you will be vulnerable and you will act hastily in any situation that does not meet your wishes. Such behavior will definitely create tension in your home.

Women will also be very emotional. The week will favor new romantic acquaintances or new acquaintances with people who will bring vitality to your life. This is especially true for young women of this zodiac sign.