Aquarius - Pisces weekly horoscope

Aquarius - Pisces weekly horoscope


During the week you will have to make very serious decisions, important for your family. The situation in your life will be such that events will pressure you to decide with greater speed. For some of you, this may be perceived as a psychological pressure that will create internal tension and unwanted stress.

During the week there will be a worry about a trip that will bring some complications, or will have to be postponed or canceled.

During the week, your financial affairs will have a good development.

During this week, you will have more important expectations for the development of your professional commitments, where changes, new circumstances or steps towards the realization of new ideas may occur.

Boys and girls will meet friends from their childhood this week, or have virtual or phone contact with them. Fortune will definitely not tolerate gambling activities, alcohol parties or other unreasonable entertainment.

Men will have to show greater responsibility towards these jobs, which are important for the home, family and close circle of relatives. This will be a favorable week for repairs and improvements, construction, moving or farm work for those who have one. Your financial affairs will develop calmly, even if an unexpected situation arises, you will manage to find a quick solution. During the week, your friends will ask you for help with an important situation.

Women will experience many dynamics this week. The week brings the possibility of good income in your personal or family budget, including those that will come from any activity or source other than your salary. The week will favor the resolution of documents, or work with financial contracts, as well as various cases related to property.


During the week there will be unexpected occasions for meetings with people who may be relatives, friends or representatives of any institution or company you work with.

These conversations will definitely have some impact on your future and will be favorable for you.

During the week you will be surprised by news or conversations with people with whom you have a common past.

During these seven days, through your friends you will learn a secret or a rumor that will be important to you, as it will help you realize a wish, idea or project of yours.

Be open to any information you receive these days, but do not intrigue or harm anyone with what you know.

The week warns of unpleasant news regarding a child or young person whom you may know personally or who may be from your circle of friends.

During this week, avoid getting involved in household or property work, as various circumstances will make their realization longer, problematic and almost impossible to complete during these seven days. You may not have enough knowledge or resources to solve them.

Boys and girls will focus mainly on their personal and rather material comfort. This means that you will have the desire to renew your personal wardrobe. New acquaintances during the week are unlikely to have a favorable effect for you. It is possible that they are the cause of low self-esteem. In fact, the appearance of new people is to show you what you still have to learn, to help you make a true judgment about the important things in life.

Men will have emotional conversations with men about issues related to family, work, important events in society or politics. The week will be very good for you as it will offer you some chances for the development of your important work. Those of you who feel tired, take more time to rest or consult a doctor.

Women will look for new solutions to old problems. You have probably already realized that in such moments you can only rely on yourself and your intuition. You can talk to people who have similar problems to see how they approached it, but this will only be useful as information. Actual actions will need to be strictly individualized and tailored to your specific situation. Java suggests meetings or gatherings with people from near or far.