Aquarius - Pisces weekly horoscope

Aquarius - Pisces weekly horoscope


During the week, be careful when traveling, regardless of whether it is related to your daily professional commitments or will arise as a necessity that day.

News that will come to you from afar will often disappoint, sadden or cause tension.

During these seven days, you will be burdened with various problems related to the wealth that your family has and that may be a cause of conflict between you.

This is an unfavorable week for solving problems related to inherited property.

The week will favor the fulfillment of your love wishes and goals, as long as they are real and in line with your partner's feelings.

Any imposition of your will will be met with corresponding resistance from the other person.

An important development during the week will be emotional relationships related to a partner who is currently at a distance from you.

During the week you will be satisfied with the favorable development of your already started jobs and commitments, which will continue their development during these seven days and will most likely have a successful conclusion in the near future.

Try to avoid confrontations with parents, or with people from whom you expect financial help.

Men will have a lot of work related to the repair of various things, equipment, engagements with the personal car and others. Among all these tasks you have, there will be a need to do something for your child or grandchild. The week brings interesting news for you regarding a person with whom you have a close relationship.

Women will have a favorable time for visits or trips related to relatives or friends. During the week, you will be surprised by the decisions or actions of your friends, who have intuitively found the space to achieve significant success in their work or business. Your relationship with a man at work who is your colleague, supervisor or client will require attention.


During the week you will have some interesting experiences that will change your love life. There are some important events coming up, talk about the future of your relationship with your partner and more.

It is possible that this week you will start a new love affair, which will turn into a more serious commitment over time.

During this week you should not spend recklessly or act hastily in your financial affairs, as you are vulnerable to mistakes or misjudgment of specific situations.

There is a possibility that you will be disappointed by an expectation that you will have for a contract or financial document.

During these seven days, the development of events will be slow, but constructive and with good prospects for achieving important results in your life. Learn to wait for the development of events and do not put pressure on anything or anyone, so as not to create complications and not cause losses.

Boys and girls will spend a week in which they will be lucky in their performance at school or at work, as well as in determining the future path of development as individuals. For this week, you will have preliminary expectations and you will put a lot of energy into their realization, understanding the importance of the time you are in. The week brings good financial news, opportunities or concrete cash income.

Men will be surprised at the beginning of the week by a new direction of development of things that you already considered predetermined or clear as development. The need to adapt to new circumstances will not be easy for everyone, and for some it can cause serious anxiety. Not that there is a reason for this, but not everyone will adapt quickly to sudden changes. This week brings important news for you or conversations with people from different distances.

Women will display unusual anger, irritability and impatience in their daily dealings with family members or in their work. Not only will this create situations that can spiral out of control, but it will also require subsequent apologies and explanations on your part for your inappropriate behavior.