Aquarius - Pisces weekly horoscope

Aquarius - Pisces weekly horoscope


During the week you will receive or monitor important information regarding elderly relatives. A collection related to such a person is possible.

Your attention will be directed to events in the lives of parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts. This week generally comes with a more active social life, with more meetings with relatives, friends and people from near and far.

However, the greater dynamic may also provoke greater tension in fulfilling your daily tasks and the responsibilities you have in your family.

The decisions you make during these seven days will be final and cannot be changed.

It will be especially difficult for you who have a spouse who has always controlled your relationship, as stubbornness and stubbornness will be very strong during these seven days.

During this week, you will engage more seriously or responsibly with your children's activities related to their talent or education.

Boys and girls will need to have a serious conversation about matters related to their education or career with a man who can be a member of your family, a teacher, a mentor or a manager. It will be very important this week not to live with illusions, not to believe the promises that someone gives you just to get rid of you. Keep your feet firmly on the ground and learn to live in the realities you find yourself in now. Many events this week will cause different thoughts in you. But during these seven days, you will mostly observe, learn and rarely make important decisions.

Men will engage in more responsible tasks at work. New situations may arise related to additional work, with things that you will have to do outside of working hours. Overall, this will be an interesting and productive week for you, as long as you have enough ambition to accomplish the things that life will give you. Many will remember the week with an experience related to a girl or a woman in your family or circle of friends.

Women will be emotionally unstable, perhaps due to pursuing some impossible idea or dream at this stage. On a personal level, you may also have problems in your relationship with your partner, which will burden you further. Unpleasant news related to a person you know will catch you by surprise, since you least expected something like this to happen to that person. Prepare for more tasks at home, or for different commitments with your relatives who live near you.


During the week from February 26 to March 3 it will be good to invest more time, energy and resources in developing important plans for your family. Some of these things may have a longer development, which will definitely be expected and will not create unnecessary tension or fear.

During the week you will have a commitment regarding a relative who does not live with you and who is most likely far away.

This week will favor the development of your material and property matters, especially those from which you expect financial income or other benefits: rent, sale, exchange, etc.

This will be a favorable week for buying property or household items.

During this week you will be concerned about the health of a person, most likely from your circle of relatives, who is undergoing treatment and still has not improved significantly. The slow progress of his recovery may be due to his age, but there may be another reason.

During the week you will sympathize with the troubles in the life of a person from your circle of friends, colleagues, neighbors or acquaintances.

It would be best to avoid traveling during the week unless these things can be postponed.

Boys and girls will spend an interesting week, during which they will receive useful information, determining the development of plans related to your education or career. It will be useful for you to communicate with a larger circle of people who will give you interesting directions for development. Your friends or rather like-minded people will have a positive influence on you. This week brings many interesting experiences for you, but of course you should not fly in the clouds, but wisely evaluate every opportunity that will be given to you during these seven days.

Men will show unusual impatience and sometimes even aggression in their desire to quickly realize their task, idea or plan. Such actions are unlikely to contribute to your successes and can significantly worsen relationships that are important to you. If you manage to protect yourself from provocations this week, you will be able to complete tasks much more easily and even achieve an unexpected breakthrough.

Women will spend seven very important days, not only because you will make concrete decisions about your life, but also because every action you take now will be a springboard to future success or failure. Understanding the importance of the time you will spend will help you be more careful in your actions. The week will favor the development of a court or legal case, as well as changes related to your work or business.