Weekly Horoscope Sagittarius - Capricorn

Weekly Horoscope Sagittarius - Capricorn


During the week, be careful if you have to travel. If possible, postpone such a plan.

During these seven days, you will receive news related to troubles that no one expected and related to your friends or relatives.

During the week, you will be able to restore or re-harmonize important friendships.

This will be a favorable week for communication with new and interesting people, but analyze the information wisely and do not succumb to any suggestions.

During the week you will receive news about the improvement of the health of a person you know.

One of the surprises during these seven days will be related to an unexpected purchase or gift, something that will be important or useful for you.

During the week, you will be surprised by the actions and attitude towards you of people you barely know.

During this week, avoid arguments and clarification of your love relationship, as you or your partner may be challenged to make an important decision, which does not mean that it will be wise or the best in the given situation.

Boys and girls will have to pay more serious attention to their tasks related to written work, solving some documents, contractual relations or agreements. In general, this week you will have more work with paperwork and you may ask for help from a more experienced person. Important conversations are coming up in your family about upcoming changes at home, or in your circle of relatives.

Men will have a reason for satisfaction from the results achieved or the praises received. The week brings a lot of information, news from near and far that will interest you, or will bring you some benefit. Many will be happy to receive an important invitation or proposal, which may be related to an upcoming event.

Women will have a more favorable week than the previous one, in which they will be able to solve problems that have already arisen. You will be able to start something new or promising that is important to your personal or professional life. You will have pleasant or emotional contacts and meetings with people who live close to you.


During the week you will discuss different situations related to the use of financial resources in your family. The reason for this may be the appearance of an important expense for your relative.

Some of you will need to take on greater family responsibilities, such as providing income stability or doing more of the daily household chores.

During this week you will expect news or information related to your child, his education or development in a certain field.

The week warns of news related to pregnancy or the birth of a child, which will not bring any surprises.

During these seven days, you will intuitively find the right solutions or give opportunities to interesting ideas to be realized.

However, during the week you will experience a stressful situation at work or in business, related to the specific economic, political or other unusual situation in the country where you live.

It is possible to part with colleagues, clients or business partners or experience other unpleasant events.

Boys and girls will have experiences related to a girl, which for some will be accompanied by pleasant emotions, but for others it can turn out to be some kind of life drama and even tragedy. Some of you will remember the week with a new friendship that will not be accidental.

Men will be burdened, whether they like it or not, with more duties and family responsibilities. Many of your relatives will rely on you and at the same time, your options will be limited. These tasks may not take much time, but they will still seriously demand your attention. The good thing is that many things will come easily to you during these seven days and at the end of the week you will be proud of yourself, for what you have achieved.

Women will have to act carefully this week, avoiding manifestations of excessive self-confidence. You yourself may cause any errors or failures. Be careful with your personal, confidential information that you keep only to yourself. Protect your bank cards and finances from theft. Despite the problems of this week, you will be able to maintain a stability within yourself and this will bring you great benefits.