Weekly Horoscope Sagittarius - Capricorn

Weekly Horoscope Sagittarius - Capricorn


During the week of April 1 - 7, you will suddenly have to commit to repairs or changes in your home, which you can afford yourself, but you may also need the help of a professional.

Similar surprises can happen with a personal car or other property that your family owns.

Do not plan expensive purchases during these seven days, unless they are absolutely necessary.

During this week you will try and be able to maintain harmony in your home, in your feelings and maintain a stable emotional state.

During this week you will have important conversations or ask to make an important decision regarding a child or a young person in your family.

It is possible that such a person will inform you about a change in his life that has already happened.

Boys and girls will be able to spend an interesting week with much more active actions and achieving real results at school, university, work or family. New opportunities and favorable situations will be created mainly where you will develop intellectually and professionally. You who are looking for a new or additional job, from which you will expect income or some other benefit, will be successful. Your friendships will have a much more emotional development, which may lead to more frequent meetings or shared experiences.

Men will spend seven very active and fast-paced days, in which you will have more tasks and more commitments, requiring quick and responsible actions on your part. The good thing is that you will be inclined to think carefully before taking specific actions, which will protect you from possible mistakes or confusion. It will be pleasant and useful for you to communicate with people outside your home, who will have a favorable influence on the arrangement of your plans and, accordingly, on their realization.

Women will be in a more unfavorable position than other representatives of this zodiac sign, as it will turn out that they have unfinished tasks or unresolved relationships and plans from last week. This will negatively affect your plans for this week, which can make you conflicted and impatient even with people who try to help you. You will be especially nervous or emotional towards younger members of your family, friends or colleagues.


During the week of April 1 - 7, you will have to face a greater tension at work or business, which will be reflected to some extent in your relationships with colleagues or clients.

The dynamics and sometimes unpredictability of events in your professional life will make you nervous.

During the week, the need for a trip may arise, which you will very well review before deciding whether to carry it out or postpone it for another more favorable time.

You will worry about the development of events in the life of a person from your circle of relatives, who is experiencing difficult moments in his personal life or in his work.

During the week you will have several occasions to rejoice over good news or the development of important events for you.

Such experiences will help you not only to solve your problems, to reject various doubts and fears, but also to start looking optimistically at your future.

Boys and girls will enter this week with high hopes and expectations, and there is a good chance that they will turn out higher than reality, causing you disappointments. You may enjoy communicating with people from your circle of classmates, colleagues or friends, but do not expect much from what they promise you.

Men will either have a favorable time for travel. Travel this week will be mainly for family reasons, or you will travel together with a family member. It will be an interesting week because it will not let you get bored. There will always be something to do, or something to engage you in some way.

Women will focus during these seven days on organizing and refreshing not only their personal wardrobe, but also in some way the house in which they live. This is a week in which you will have more tasks or actions of a material nature. This will be a good period for your financial affairs, especially if you are looking for a better paying job or additional sources of income. Some of you will enjoy a benefit from an inheritance, from elderly relatives or from an unexpected source.