Weekly Horoscope Sagittarius - Capricorn

Weekly Horoscope Sagittarius - Capricorn


During the week you are ready to commit to some important plans and you will try at all costs to realize them, but in general very few circumstances will be in your favor.

When you encounter decisive resistance or the inability to accomplish what you intend, avoid panic or confrontation.

It is better to reflect and realistically evaluate such situations and, if necessary, wait for a more favorable time to appear.

During the week you will have an important engagement with a person who does not live in your home.

Disappointments are possible regarding information or a document you expect regarding your property interests.

During this week you will consider some changes in your personal life and mostly these have to do with your relationships with people who rather use you or look for a way to take advantage of you.

In general, this week be careful what you buy and how much you really need.

Boys and girls will have to be as sincere and honest as possible both with themselves and with the people they will be in contact with during these seven days. It doesn't matter if these are people from your family, relatives who live outside your home or friends. This is not a time when you can get involved in any ambiguous or dishonest situations and relationships. Such behavior can seriously deteriorate your relationship with a woman, even if it is your mother. In your money matters, learn to rely on what you have, without having any additional expectations of money from your parents.

Men, especially those who have their own child or grandchild, will have to show a more serious attitude and commitment to their life. Your role and influence should be more pronounced, but certainly in a positive sense. The week will favor a trip or preparation for one, especially if it is in the plan or desire of other people in your family. The week may bring you unexpected emotions related to a child who no longer lives with you or is at a distance. Different personal, social or political events this week will cause different reflections on your development direction and the plans you have for your future.

Women will be busy at the beginning of the week with solving some problems and troubles. A very difficult start emotionally, but you will have to approach these things with determination and desire to end it once and for all, as much as possible. If you free up more space in your life by letting go of these negative things, love will immediately fill the empty space in your life. This is especially true for those women who are in a romantic relationship, whether it is in its infancy or you already have a stable relationship with your partner.


During the week you will have an experience related to the appearance of an unpleasant situation, with a conflict or opposition, which will seriously disrupt the balance in your relationships with some colleagues or relatives. The reason for such an experience will not be accidental and most likely it has been showing signs for some time.

This will be an unfavorable week for actions of a legal or judicial nature and if possible let them be postponed.

During the week you will be surprised by a conversation, an event or a proposal that will undoubtedly bring you some benefit or a chance to make progress in matters important to you.

In your work, be very careful with colleagues, clients or partners who may berate you or blame you for mistakes that are actually their fault.

Boys and girls will encounter a lack of understanding, good manners or maturity in young people, which can create a concern, problem or opposition. It will be especially difficult for those of you who will have a similar experience with a younger sibling. Emotional situations are possible in families where one of the parents favors your brother or sister. Such situations will be especially painful this week.

Men will have to approach an unpleasant situation very wisely, without looking for who is to blame for it. What is most important now is that the 'spirits' are calmed and your communication with those persons involved in the given situation is normalized. For many people, a conversation with a person with whom you have some kind of professional relationship will be important during the week. The week will require more attention for those who will have a commitment to a court or legal matter.

Women this week will understand that every good thing in life sometimes comes to an end.