Weekly Horoscope Sagittarius - Capricorn

Weekly Horoscope Sagittarius - Capricorn


During the week from March 4 to 10, your life will encounter an emotional experience or event related to a woman or close friend. The week will favor the development of romantic and intimate relationships.

The week will be interesting for you who have a romantic partner who is currently starting a new job, business or other important activity.

The week will be favorable for new acquaintances of a romantic nature.

During this week you will have a meeting related to clarifying an unpleasant situation or getting an explanation for the unacceptable actions of a person towards you.

You will find it difficult to communicate with people who will not be eager to hear or accept what you have to say.

During this week, you will have to monitor very carefully the actions of a person from your circle of friends. Spreading some rumors in the form of comments can involve you in an unpleasant situation.

Boys and girls will have to look more seriously at some things in their lives, avoiding flying above the clouds, chasing unrealistic dreams and desires. Your conversations with some close people can help you come down to earth, but they can also cause conflict if you are not ready for such a realistic view of life. A man's role can positively influence your growth as a more mature person.

Men for some reason will have to pay more attention to their friends, regardless of whether they live near or far. The reasons for more frequent communication with them will be very different and may relate to both your daily work and their lives. It is possible to discuss and plan an upcoming meeting or gathering. In fact, already this week, some of you may be expecting guests.

Women will face a series of unexpected situations during these seven days. For many of you, the introduction of new people to your family, workplace or social groups is about to happen. You may decide to make an unexpected purchase for yourself or your home. Financially, the week does not bring any serious problems, but it will definitely give some of you the opportunity to stabilize the financial situation, or to find new sources of income.


During the week from March 4 to 10, many will be surprised by news related to the birth of a baby or an emotional event in the life of a young person: a boy or a girl.

The week will require representatives of your zodiac sign to be very careful when dealing with important tasks.

The mistakes you will make this week can seriously mess up not only your life, but also the lives of people who depend on you.

This week brings unpleasant news about someone you know.

Greater tension in your daily life will definitely affect your health and harmony in important relationships, which will definitely break down.

During this week in the family, with luck and with the help of other people, you will quickly overcome a stressful situation, from which you will be able to gain important life experience that you will need in the future.

The week will be very emotional for you who have not yet learned to be patient, to wait for the development of events.

Boys and girls will spend most of their time this week meeting and talking with friends, most of the time outside your home or in a pleasant environment for you. Some unexpected situations will help you expand your circle of friends, meet interesting people, advance important plans. It is possible that not everything you plan for this week will happen within these seven days. Give them more time and avoid anxiety and fear.

Men can expect more work starting at the beginning of the week, more duties and responsibilities. In the family, most of you will have to take on a commitment regarding a child, which during these seven days can be an additional burden for you. In general, the week will help you in one way or another to accomplish your tasks, but their organization will be very important.

Women will engage in more tasks related to domestic life, home comfort and everything that is important to the home. Sometimes you may do some of these things out of compulsion, out of desire, or out of humor. Avoid such feelings because they will not make your life easier during these seven days. Some health problems that concern you personally or another family member will require more serious attention.