Weekly horoscope Libra - Scorpio

Weekly horoscope Libra - Scorpio


During the week you will participate in various interesting meetings or conversations.

These events and experiences can be the basis of new future plans and projects for you, both personally and professionally.

Week predicts an unexpected meeting.

During this week you will be surprised by unexpected problems or troubles. You will very carefully look for the cause of their appearance. You will probably need more patience and wisdom to solve them.

This week will not be one of the most favorable for travel, but surely during these seven days you will make plans to travel in the near future. They will definitely have a greater chance of realization or bring you significant success.

During this week you will successfully complete an engagement.

Java brings pleasant experiences with a man.

Boys and girls will encounter insincerity, deception and hypocrisy from classmates, friends or colleagues. In some cases, it is possible that you have provoked such events or have been a part of them. Being aware of such behavior on your part (if it exists) can help you clean up your act quickly and maintain your good behavior and image. During the week, a commitment may arise regarding a gift or some items, in which your close friend will participate.

Men will be very interested in their financial affairs, their development, the possibility of expanding any activity from which they receive income and others. For those of you who have a child of your own, the week brings an unexpected or larger expense related to it. In general, this week your main affairs will be related to money, documents or contracts. Any such action will require greater attention, insight into details and sound judgment in decision-making.

Women will meet new people this week, either through real meetings or online contacts. Be careful and choose the new people in your life well so that you don't end up with scammers or those who seek some benefit from you. For some of you, the week will be memorable with a trip or an experience with a loved one who lives some distance away.


During the week you will experience a series of events that will change your lifestyle or your plans for the near future.

During these seven days you will meet new or old friends.

Interesting events will happen in your workplace, which may make you happy, but may also create temporary tension in the team where you work.

During the week you will have the opportunity to prove your personal professional qualities, achieve stability, with sufficient mobilization and responsibility in your actions.

This week will be favorable for travel regardless of its purpose.

Your contacts with people from different distances will be dynamic: both with relatives and friends.

Such an auspicious time should not be wasted. You should not hope that certain circumstances or people will continue to be in your favor in the future. If you miss the chances that will be given to you this week, the probability of getting new ones is minimal.

On a personal level, you will not lack emotions regardless of your marital status.

New acquaintances, even if they are short, will leave a mark behind them.

Boys and girls will spend a week where they will exchange many messages, letters or emails. Your desire for dynamic communication with people near and far will be greatly influenced by the upcoming summer season. This is a week in which you will make new friendships and acquaintances, you will easily amaze others with your ability to talk to them. Above all, an interesting, pleasantly unpredictable week awaits you, with various unexpected events that will leave a mark.

Men will want to be loved, liked, but not only with words, but they will expect specific actions from their partner. Now it will not be important to you if you give and show your love, but what you receive. During this week, attention will be paid to the health problems of a loved one.

Women will have various serious and responsible commitments with a family member, a circle of relatives or someone else with whom you have a special relationship. Your expectations for this week will be related to a more relaxed and pleasant time, but unfortunately you will be very dependent on the events in the lives of the people around you. The intervention of a woman with words and advice that you did not ask for can lead to additional tension in your daily life.