Weekly horoscope Libra - Scorpio

Weekly horoscope Libra - Scorpio


You will be committed to the realization of your plans regarding the family or the wealth that your family owns.

You will perform daily tasks without much difficulty and you will feel satisfied with the results achieved.

There will be a brief concern of a financial nature or a document, which will pass quickly.

During this week there will be excitement in your professional plans, commitments or business relationships. Some of you will have a meeting for this reason and others will have important conversations online or on the phone.

During the week you will tend to be suspicious of any kind of information, but in fact it will be something that will benefit you or will be a good basis for your future successes.

Boys and girls this week, under different circumstances, will meet new people with whom I advise you to be careful, at least initially, especially if your acquaintance is made through various online or social platforms. It will be much more difficult for you to communicate with your relatives or friends this week. In general, this will be a week filled with a lot of information, important or curious about your personal life or the personal lives of your friends.

Men will have an interesting week in which you will not lack luck and favorable opportunities to understand what is important. But above all, prepare for a lot of work and less time for rest. There will be problems in life mainly for those who have decided to rely on the help of other people. The week will tempt you with the desire to spend more time with friends or in pleasant places for you.

Women will feel ease in fulfilling their tasks during the week, as circumstances in one way or another will help you do it in the fastest or easiest way for you. If you've mentally prepared yourself for tough days, there's no way they won't happen. During the week, be more attentive and listen to what the people around you are trying to tell you. This will be a favorable week to take care of the property that you or your family own. Unmarried girls of this zodiac sign can remember the week with a new acquaintance.


During the week you will experience interesting events or have useful conversations with a person who most likely lives in another city or country.

You will be a good adviser or give important support to a relative or close friend who will experience some difficulties.

During these seven days, you will follow with interest the news that you will receive from a girl or woman and that will most likely be related to interesting events or successful appearances in her life.

During the week, you will consider the possibility of hosting guests in your home on an important occasion for you.

Boys and girls will have to be very careful this week, not to allow rumors to spread and not to be curious about events and experiences in other people's private lives. You can achieve much more if you focus your attention on personal matters, education or activities that help you develop your talents and skills. The week brings various surprises that will somehow affect your plans and relationships.

Men will have commitments related to important tasks, visits to any state, banking or judicial institution. A very responsible and busy time awaits you during these seven days. Greater tension will be in your work, where you will have short-term tasks or more specific requirements. All this time, you will be able to find time for your wife or for romantic experiences that will bring positive energy into your life.

Women will be worried this week, because of unclear messages or emotional conversations with a person with whom they have a close relationship. Not everything will go according to your expectations and desires, but it is good to know that what you will lose or what you will take away from yourself will be for your good. The week brings different ventures, conversations or interesting ideas that will have a connection with other people in your family.