Weekly horoscope Libra - Scorpio

Weekly horoscope Libra - Scorpio


During the week of April 1 - 7, you will be wanted on different occasions by people who live with you, relatives or friends. You will feel their love or respect for you from the conversations you will have with them on the Internet or on the phone.

This week will find a way to please you with some important and pleasant news for you.

You will tend to look at old problems with much more joy and optimism.

Most likely, you will now find a new way to solve them, much simpler or easier to implement, whether it will require you to make some compromises or you will have to experience a small loss.

Your romantic relationship with a person who lives in another city or country will have an interesting development during the week. During these seven days, you can plan appointments that you will want to implement in the coming weeks and months.

New friendships with people from near and far will have an interesting development and some of them can be very emotional.

During the week, expect important news about the money that will enter your family budget, or that you will receive in the coming days and weeks.

Boys and girls will have to take a close look at their spring and summer plans. You can correct some of them that at this stage are impossible to implement or for financial reasons. It will be very important to see things in life correctly and realistically, to protect yourself from illusions or false hopes that someone may try to give you. The week will be favorable for you who are engaged in any additional or part-time work.

Men will have enough duties and family commitments to allow themselves the luxury of wasting their time on things that will have no bearing on tomorrow. Unexpected difficulties, conflicts or other complications will arise in families that are on the verge of separation, in the process of divorce or have separated for other vital reasons. Financially, you will have good opportunities to be paid well for the work you will do this week.

Women will have to prepare for an unpredictable week, for unexpected events or twists in already started jobs. Some of the unexpected situations will develop in your workplace and it is possible that they will directly affect you and somehow affect the environment where you work. The week will be remembered with an important news, event or experience related to a close boy.


Many of you will have the opportunity to rejoice in good news of a financial nature, which will help to get out of a difficult situation or to compensate for a loss.

During these seven days, you will closely monitor a health or personal problem of a woman who may be your relative, friend, neighbor or colleague.

During the week, be careful in your new contacts with unknown people, regardless of what basis they are for.

During the week you will talk with friends or colleagues about issues that affect the financial stability of the family or your workplace.

You will share various practical ideas that can help you in this economically complex environment.

You will receive particularly interesting information in this regard from people with whom you once had professional contacts.

During this week, the attempts of certain persons or institutions to manipulate you or a group of people with false information will cause a crisis in your relationship or unexpected changes. The end result of such events will be favorable for you or for the environment where you live.

Boys and girls will have a serious and deep conversation with a man about issues like education, career, family and more. This man will try to help you with some advice or show you a different view of the current situation in your life. Any health problem will require attention, even if it's just a mild headache, lightning or cold. This week will not be remembered with any great results and probably will not leave a big mark on your life, but it will have its own specific meaning for you.

Men will have a conversation or engage in a joint activity or task with a woman. Most likely, it will be a relative, colleague or business partner. In general, this week brings more vivid or emotional experiences related to the women in your life, who will be mostly from your circle of relatives or those who live close to your home.

Women will spend an interesting and successful week, with opportunities to start important new things related to work or business. During the week, some situations will emerge in the life of your child or grandchild, which will require a different approach to their education. This will be a favorable week for conceiving or giving birth to a child.