Weekly horoscope Libra - Scorpio

Weekly horoscope Libra - Scorpio


During the week, you will find it quite difficult to communicate with women, whether they are part of the family, relatives, friends or acquaintances. Their unwillingness to accept your position or advice will anger you or make you feel powerless to change things or influence in any way.

During this week, you will have a favorable time for travel, for the development of your household or property affairs, as well as for love experiences.

Love relationships with a partner who lives in another city or country will have an interesting development.

Romantic meetings are possible.

During this week you will be sought after by people who will try to manipulate you and involve you in an unpleasant situation in their lives, trying to get you to help them in the way they want. This does not mean that you have a similar view on this situation.

Be careful, give yourself time to research what's really going on, and don't commit to hasty promises.

During this week you will be surprised by an event or a decision of a person, from your family or from your circle of relatives.

This will be a favorable week to create a new family for unmarried representatives of this sign.

Boys and girls will have a favorable week for romantic adventures, new acquaintances or intimate experiences. All these things are good to keep as emotions to yourself, at least for these seven days. Not everyone sees your love affairs well.

Men will spend a successful week at the end of the month, in which they will not lack luck or new opportunities. Many things can happen during these seven days and all of them will have a very strong effect on your future. Make bold plans for your future, but let them only be in your head for now. Relationships with the people you work with will be very problematic during these seven days.

Women will spend a week in which they will receive a lot of news. Most of them will turn out to be interesting and even spicy, but do not let their comments become the cause of spreading rumors. Those of you who are involved in a legal or court case will receive information this week about the favorable development of such a case. Use this week to make important decisions about your personal or love life.


During the week you will spend a favorable period for solving and closing some controversial issues with people in your circle of friends. The contradictions that have arisen between you can be of a very different nature and are most likely the reason for cooling your relationship for a certain period of time. During these seven days you will have the opportunity to sit down and calmly talk about these issues and find the best solution, rekindle your relationship and move forward.

During this week, expect a more favorable development of your financial affairs and plans.

It is possible that you will be pleasantly surprised by an event related to money with an increase in your income, the return of a debt.

During the week, there may be a need to spend money related to some kind of treatment, therapy, a visit to the dentist or some other specialist.

Guys and girls, you can prepare for a pleasant week, with much more clarity on the issues that have been bothering you in recent weeks. Of course, this does not mean that you should fly through the clouds, but take advantage of favorable trends to stabilize and prepare your future plans. You will be lucky precisely in such actions. The good influence of people from your family or close friends will help you navigate some complicated situations without causing any confusion or loss for you.

For men, a difficult week is ahead as provocations will come from different sides and sometimes you will find it really difficult to restrain your irritation or impatience. You will encounter resistance in the implementation of some of your plans, for which you had expectations of success or their easier implementation. You will find it difficult to communicate with men, because they will not only show stubbornness, but will try in every possible way to complicate your actions.

Women will tend to spend more time with friends than with their family. Although you will have specific reasons for this, at some point conflicts may arise with people close to you, who will think that you are doing all your homework. You will have occasions for meetings, for meetings with pleasant or useful people, but the best thing you can do is to find a balance between pleasant activities and your main tasks or commitments. It will be very important not to leave your professional tasks for tomorrow or next week, because tomorrow comes with new responsibilities and tasks.