Weekly horoscope Libra - Scorpio

Weekly horoscope Libra - Scorpio


During the week from February 19 to 25, life will give you the opportunity to make new acquaintances, to meet people who will have a special meaning in your life.

During this week, through conversations or communication with people from different distances, you will receive information about events related to your past, the past of your family or the place where you live.

All this will not make much sense for your life in the present, but you will still experience it emotionally as an interesting or important fact for you.

This week can be remembered with news related to pregnancy or the birth of a child.

In general, various interesting events related to a baby or a small child may occur during the week.

During these seven days, you will have to carefully monitor the actions of a person in your immediate environment, trying to understand whether what he or she is doing is for the good or a harbinger of trouble. This will be important to you as you understand the need to make an important decision about this person or the situations he/she causes.

During the week, you may experience tension around an upcoming meeting, as some unforeseen situations will arise that will make it more complicated for some reason.

You will show much more clearly your reluctance to communicate with people who want to engage in gossip, or waste their time on trivial matters.

Boys and girls will experience much more emotionally an unpleasant news related to a person they know. The week brings you difficult successes, in most cases connected with a lot of tension or unpleasant conflicts. You will be interested in various opportunities to develop your interests, especially those that would have a good impact on your personal income. During the week it will be useful and pleasant for you to communicate more with friends or people with whom you have common interests.

Men will go through periods when they will experience serious doubts about their decisions or actions. The reason for this will be some troubles or complicated relationships that will arise or deepen during this week. In financial terms, you will have good opportunities to improve and stabilize your income, but without using tricks and risky actions.

Women will face the strong, ruthless character of a woman who wants not only to consolidate or maintain her positions in the family, at work or in society, but also wants to conquer new ones. But not honestly! You can enter into an open confrontation with her or find another more diplomatic, somewhat cunning way to stop her 'appetites'. In your domestic and family matters, there will often be opposition with other people, younger and older than you.


The week of February 19 to 25 will be an important time for you, when it will be good to plan and organize your commitments at home in the best way. You should not make any omissions or mistakes that could complicate the situation in your home or create any other problems and difficulties.

During these seven days, comfort and harmony in your family will largely depend on you, especially if for some reason you have to spend more time at home.

Much more self-control or positivity will be required of you when difficult situations arise or when you receive unpleasant news.

During the week, you will find it more difficult to accept the new people who will appear in your daily life.

During these seven days, your plans or work related to a child or young person will have a good development.

Many will be happy with news related to pregnancy or the birth of a child.

In general, the events of this week will aim to teach you something. If you consider yourself knowledgeable and capable, then your difficulties will be greater. However, if you are open to listening, learning and developing, then these seven days can be an important and constructive period for you.

Boys and girls should avoid any attempt to deceive or manipulate people in their home for any gain. Any deception or lie will not only put you in a difficult position, but also cause unpleasant disharmony in your internal relationships. You will find it difficult to communicate with a close woman, but the fault for this will not be hers alone.

Men will be emotional, sensitive, longing for love. Your communication with more men this week will not be accidental. It will mostly be related to your main work as well as some other additional activities that will attract your attention during these days.

Women will continue to be careful with family finances and expect some positive movements in money-related topics such as: income, taking a loan, taking rent, inheritance or other such actions.