Leo - Virgo weekly horoscope

Leo - Virgo weekly horoscope


During the week you will allow yourself to be influenced by your sensitivity and emotionality and let them determine your decisions and actions.

During this week, avoid trusting other people when working or acting on matters related to money and avoid impulsive actions and decisions in this regard.

You may receive unexpected money, but this is not necessarily a prediction for each of you.

This week will be favorable for any changes related to the house where you live.

During this week you will enjoy a favorable treatment or good news about a woman who is your acquaintance.

The week will be favorable for travel. The advice is to beware of hasty actions.

The unexpected actions of your relative or friend will make you nervous and worried.

Boys and girls will experience various concerns, fears or anxieties about their future. This week will be turbulent for you in many ways and will be a kind of test of your stability and personality in general. Minor health problems are not excluded. Your social life will be generally active, with a more dynamic communication with close people. During the week you will attend at least one meeting where you will go with flowers or some small gift. Shopping this week will have to be well thought out and avoid spending on items that you will use for a very short time.

Men will have useful, productive or promising activity with another man. You can look for a way to impress a woman with your behavior or what you intend to do for her.

Women should not ignore small problems, because any delay in solving them or ignoring them can create much more serious problems. During this week you will have to be more careful in dealing with men, especially if they are older than you or in a higher position at work.


At the beginning of the week, the influence of the Moon will be felt very strongly in your emotions, as well as through manifestations of greater sensitivity to comments or events.

You will have expectations for various events, the development of which you will follow closely. You will be more likely to be a witness to their development than a direct participant.

The presence, decisions or actions of a woman will provoke different events or decisions in your life. It is possible that at first they will meet your disapproval, but if you are patient you will understand that these things have meaning and importance.

A meeting or an invitation to a gathering can set you in the mood, an opportunity to buy a gift or have pleasant experiences.

This week is not good for you. Be prepared for the slow development of your jobs and your accuracy in their execution will be more important.

The slow development of some events during this period will be related to waiting for the emergence of certain circumstances that will be important for the development of your plans and goals.

During the week, you may be satisfied with receiving money from work or other relationships you have with the people around you.

The week will be favorable for purchases or other real estate actions related to the house where you live.

Boys and girls will be enthusiastic and excited about any news, offer, invitation or document. This will be a more interesting week for you, as there is a clearer vision ahead of the events that will attract your attention in the coming weeks. During these seven days, you may be fascinated by a new person who will appear in your life. You will be lucky in everything that has meaning in your life, be it personal relationships, education, work, hobbies and others.

Men will waste a lot of valuable time looking for a way out of an unpleasant situation or conflict. Unfortunately, you have wasted valuable time or missed the right moment to resolve this situation smoothly and easily. The participation of another person in it will not only deepen the problem, but also complicate it. Sometimes one has to lose something in life in order to learn some important lesson.

Women will live at a fast pace this week, as there are many things on your to-do list that you will have to complete at all costs during these seven days. Those of you who have a child or grandchild may experience great fear or concern about their irrational or dangerous actions. In love, you can be pleased by an unexpected acquaintance, proposal or gift. In financial terms, the week does not bring surprises in your favor, on the contrary.