Leo - Virgo weekly horoscope

Leo - Virgo weekly horoscope


During the week, get ready for the emergence and development of events that will definitely manage to surprise you. The good thing is that they are positive and favorable in relation to your personal life or the personal life of your relatives and friends.

During this week you may be surprised by unexpected money or news related to it.

The appearance of a new person in your life will have a favorable impact on your personal affairs.

During this week you will receive news related to the health of a person you know, which may worry you.

It is possible that other such news creates anxiety or fear in you.

During this week you will have more frequent meetings or conversations with people from your circle of relatives, friends or colleagues.

In general, your communication this week will be important and will determine the development of your plans during the week.

The relationship between the men in your family will be remembered with an important event or conversation.

Boys and girls will have more serious tasks to perform at school, university or work. Exams, performances, relocations or other important changes are possible. For some of you, the week brings a fresh start in one of these areas. During the week, be careful with the advice of the people around you. They can be good, but they may also require some extra thought on your part. The week brings an important event or experience with a man from your circle of relatives or friends.

Men will have to obey at some point the desire or will of a woman from their close environment. An unexpected or important engagement with them may arise. This week brings some important experiences for you, which in any case will change something in your life. They may be small changes, but they are a step towards something new and different in your life. Use this week's favorable trends to realize your main tasks and ideas for which you do not have to rely on other people.

Women will take very sensitively some troubles or complicated moments in their lives. You may feel helpless, need help, but won't know how to ask for it. This week brings a series of experiences with people in your family who will most likely charge you emotionally. This week you will have a conversation with a man or a boy where you will present your point of view on something that is important for his future.


During the week of April 1 - 7, you will be surprised by the reasoning or decisions of a girl or a woman who is most likely from your circle of relatives and friends.

For some of you, these decisions may herald a positive change in that person's life. However, for others, it is possible to worry.

During these seven days, you will discuss options for a trip.

Your contacts with people who live at a distance from you will have an interesting and useful development.

During this week, be careful with financial relationships or agreements with friends, especially if they have any difficulties.

It is possible to discuss with friends their financial or health problems and offer help only if you are confident in your abilities.

Do not make empty promises and do not burden yourself with unfulfilled promises.

Boys and girls will strive for some changes in the environment where they live or work, as well as other people's attention to you. This week you will spend frequent moments where you will feel lonely or misunderstood. The week brings a meeting or acquaintance with a new romantic partner or an interesting person.

Men will have a strong week professionally, but the pressure during these seven days will be quite high for you. Those of you who have a private business will need to show more flexibility or intuition.

Women will have a favorable week for developing contacts abroad or with foreigners. Some of you may decide to study a foreign language more thoroughly. In terms of love, there is a possibility that an ex-partner will come back into your life, but it is not necessarily related to the resumption of your relationship. You may decide to maintain a good acquaintance or friendship. During this week it will be good to pay more attention to your health. On weekends, it is possible to take a family trip.