Leo - Virgo weekly horoscope

Leo - Virgo weekly horoscope


During the week you will face some difficulties and obstacles in realizing your plans and expectations for these seven days. Almost nothing will happen the way you want it to. On the contrary, your affairs will need correction, or you will need more patience.

This week's unpleasant event will be related to a person you know, although this fact will not surprise you.

This will be a favorable week for actions related to representatives of a judicial or legal institution.

During the week you will have to commit to solving the problems caused by a child or another young relative.

The week will favor conversations or actions with people from your circle of relatives or close friends of your family.

During this week, boys and girls born under this zodiac sign will have an important period for the realization of their plans regarding education, career or business, with work with state institutions. A chance for a new activity or a new job is possible.

The week will be very favorable for you, as you will be able to enjoy the emergence of a positive and unexpected situation that will benefit you.

Men will organize some important meetings and conversations that will help them have a clearer idea about some relationship or event, an opportunity to implement some plan or idea, etc. This will be a strong period for you. Think about which of your plans and ideas are a priority now and act quickly to realize them.

Women will want to decorate their home, make it unique. You can buy something important for the house. The week brings interesting experiences for you, and news related to a loved one will be a reason for a good mood.


During the week you are likely to experience greater emotions related to various events in your personal life, travel or people from afar, with the opportunity to enjoy various benefits.

This will be a favorable week for travel and for developing plans regarding a future trip.

It is possible to organize or carry out a trip on a special occasion.

During this week you will have your concerns regarding the health of a loved one. This is probably a person who is in a long process of treatment and therapy.

During this week you will be surprised by a conversation, an idea or a proposal from a person you know, which will be related in some way to an opportunity to increase your income, improve your professional position or get a temporary commitment. that will give you extra income.

Other financial relationships or documents with people in your circle of friends or colleagues may also arise.

During this week, almost every day you will be overwhelmed with various information, news or follow the development of dynamic events that will excite you in some way.

Your relationships with people of a certain social class will be intellectually useful and important to you. There will be much to learn from such people.

Boys and girls will have to consider their real monetary resources and not rely on additional help from their parents or from an activity they are currently engaged in. Some thoughtless expenses on your part can cause unpleasant conflicts and exchanges of well-deserved accusations. Avoid burdening the family with your thoughtless or emotional actions.

Men will spend an interesting and much more relaxed week, since there will be no shortage of chances to realize your plans and ideas. Different people or circumstances will give you unexpected or important help. Your financial affairs may have a very good development, and you will receive a very good payment from an activity that you will engage in during these seven days.

For women, the week brings more emotional experiences with your current partner. Those of you who are at the beginning of a romantic relationship or flirtation will have reason to feel special.