Leo - Virgo weekly horoscope

Leo - Virgo weekly horoscope


During the week from March 4 to 10, you will have unexpected and interesting experiences with friends and acquaintances.

During this week, you may feel the desire to intervene in parent-child relationships, in the family of your relatives or friends who, in your opinion, need the advice of a bystander.

For those who have a child or grandchild of your own, let them find a way to have an honest conversation. There needs to be better communication between you if you don't want to suffer the consequences of not having it at some point.

During this week you will observe the actions of a person who makes mistakes with dishonest work or actions that are close to breaking the law. The chances of you interfering in any way are minimal, since either you don't have such a close relationship or the character of this person prevents you.

During these seven days, many will have concerns about the health of a family member, where there will be uncertainty about a diagnosis or treatment.

Boys and girls born under this zodiac sign will have the opportunity to somehow compensate for the losses or failures of the past week. Your intimate relationships will require attention during the week. Conflicts based on jealousy, the desire to control your plans and desires will have unpleasant consequences in the future. In general, however, you can have an important, constructive and successful week for you.

Men will tend to act slowly, wisely during these seven days. The situation where you live will require a more careful engagement with new things during this period. Those of you who are involved in any legal or judicial matters will have an uncertain time. There is supposed to be a movement, but without the result you expect.

Women will have the opportunity to improve their financial situation through new income from work, business or other well-paid activities. This will help you stabilize your financial situation, solve internal problems or buy important things for your home. The week brings some surprises in your life, I hope they are pleasant for you.


During the week from March 4 to 10, you will experience an interesting and productive time where you will not lack opportunities and circumstances for the development of goals and plans that are important to you.

Sometimes unexpected situations can arise for this and then you will be required to have quick and practical reactions and solutions.

This week will be favorable for the development of your financial affairs, which until now have been at a standstill or encountered various difficulties.

During these seven days, a meeting or a phone conversation will surprise you.

Use the favorable trends that will appear during these seven days to develop and implement plans and ideas important to you, investing more ambition and avoiding fear or uncertainty in your actions.

Those of you involved in a court or legal matter this week can count on a good development or, at worst, its postponement.

The week will be favorable to travel, to visit friends or relatives.

It is not excluded that you yourself welcome guests and for this you do not necessarily have a specific occasion.

Professionally, be careful with your work commitments. Those of you who work with money or financial documents will pay special attention to work.

Some of you may have difficulty getting a salary or other payments related to your work.

Boys and girls will spend a week where they can travel mostly short distances. You will want to communicate with more people, regardless of where they are at the moment and what nationality they are. Some of you will be happy to have guests who will come from another village, city or country. During this week, precisely thanks to your most active contacts, you will receive a series of important and useful information for you.

Men will spend a restless week and the reasons for this will be related to uncertainties about important family or professional issues. You may have inner fears that you are unlikely to express openly. The week will be a kind of test for your relationships with people who are your colleagues or neighbors. Like every week, this too will be remembered with some unexpected incidents or events that will leave behind some memories in your life.

Women will take on greater responsibilities regarding various payments, stabilizing the personal or family budget, balancing income and expenses, which come both this week and in the near future. You will have to be really realistic and a good pragmatist because you can make a mistake. Whatever trial you will go through this week that will be related to money, you will find a way out of it one way or another.