Leo - Virgo weekly horoscope

Leo - Virgo weekly horoscope


During the week of February 19 to 25, many of you will be able to expect interesting love or family conversations and experiences.

During this week, you may commit to specific decisions related to the future of your romantic or marital relationship.

During the week, you will be surprised by the development of a problem or situation that arises in your family or in your circle of relatives. It is possible to create panic or fear within yourself, emotions that will not correspond to reality.

During this week, avoid pessimism, as it will not bring you anything good.

It is very important to know that during this week you will be lucky to engage in solving a complex situation.

During the week you will be upset by unpleasant news related to a person who most likely lives in another city.

Your greater communication with people from near and far can provoke various misunderstandings in the interpretation of certain events.

The week will be favorable for receiving guests who may come from far away, or you will have to travel to visit someone.

In general, the week will favor the resumption of relations with friends and forgotten acquaintances.

During the week you can be happy about the money you will receive from different sources. This will help you solve a financial problem, or make an important payment.

Unexpected concerns about the health of a relative may arise.

Several events during the week will surprise the young people of this sign. Most of these experiences will be good and important for you, related to some luck or a new chance in your life. Of course, do not organize events according to your wishes, because you can go in a completely wrong direction and instead of achieving success, you can cause yourself some losses.

Men will be disappointed by some of their expectations regarding a contract, document, promise or money. The reason for this may be carelessness on your part or an excessively high expectation that does not correspond to reality. Your duties, relationships and family obligations will increase during these seven days.

Women will have good hopes and expectations for the development of their main plans during the week. Perhaps you will have to commit to something related to a relative. You are ready to make a decision, or have a necessary conversation with a man, something that you have actually planned to do for a long time.


During the week from February 19 to 25, it will be very important for you, Virgo, to organize your tasks and commitments well in order to complete them on time. This applies in particular to commitments related to a document, contract or other formalities.

During this week, many of you will be satisfied with the money you will receive through a contract, a favorable loan, some kind of document.

During the week, more often than usual, you will have phone calls or meetings with friends who will have a great desire to share with you events from their personal lives.

Sometimes you will find it difficult to avoid the presence of annoying people in your life, especially those who like to complain or slander other people.

It will be very important during these seven days to be focused on your actions, as losses due to distraction or arrogance are possible, which will have unpleasant consequences for you.

Some of the positive events during the week will be related to meetings or virtual contacts you will have with people near or far. There will be much to learn from them, not only as information but also as useful knowledge.

Successes or important events that will happen in the life of your relative will be the cause of pleasant emotions and experiences.

The week brings many unexpected events in love life.

Boys and girls will feel an unfavorable influence this week. An incident perhaps related to someone you know will show you the value of a second of time. In terms of health, you may have concerns both for yourself and for your loved ones.

Men will have to bear more responsibility around solving various household problems. These things will cost you money, but more importantly, it will require patience, attention to detail, or finding the right specialist for your particular problem.

Conflicts during the week will be mainly caused by a lack of patience on your part or by other people around you.

Women will have positive expectations for some meetings and conversations they plan to have during these seven days. It will be quite difficult to fulfill your expectations, especially if they are related to a friend, colleague or partner. Some of your problems during these days will be provoked by your greater sensitivity to words, remarks or constructive criticism from the people you live with or with whom you will come into contact during these seven days.