Weekly horoscope Aries - Taurus

Weekly horoscope Aries - Taurus


During the week, any negative energy from the people around you will be strongly felt, but it is also possible to enjoy the company of nice people and be in interesting and beautiful places. This is a good time for meditation, foretelling the future from a distance and for any spiritual activity. During the week, focus on projects or commitments already started. It is possible that their delay until now is due to the lack of sufficiently favorable circumstances for their realization. During this week, things will be easier, you will receive the necessary help or advice to move things in the direction you want.

This week, one of the important events will be related to a young person who is your relative or friend.

During this week, some of the unexpected events may confuse you. After the initial chaos, you will experience special emotions that will leave a mark. These events can be related to your personal (intimate) life, but they can also be related to your work.

In general, from a professional point of view, the week can hardly be predicted. Changes or innovations that may disturb you or your colleagues are not excluded. However, there should be no worries about losing your job, but moving from one place to another is possible.

Your health or the health of a loved one will worry you, but for a short time.

During these seven days, it will be important not to get too emotional about your daily problems or conflicts with other people.

Take this week as an important moment in your life. There are no coincidences in the chances you are given.

Some of you may suddenly revive an idea related to a new way of life or an old friendship (love) relationship.

Boys and girls will have to show more maturity in their actions this week. To understand that that carefree childhood remains forever in the past. Interesting experiences and new opportunities await you, which will help you move forward strongly in your development. During this week you will have interesting meetings with friends or people who will help you realize your plans.

Men can remember this week with a trip that will be for work or they will have contact with different people for professional or business matters. During this week you will also be asked to make a more serious commitment to the growth or development of a child, if you have one. You may be attending a gathering or event involving children or young people who may be your relatives or part of the community where you live. During the week, you can travel with your loved ones for recreation or to visit interesting places.

Women will have to shoulder the greater burden of responsibilities at home.

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During the week you will feel disconnected or isolated from the life around you. Anything emotional these days may be irrelevant to you. If you have a disagreement with someone, during this transit you will be able to look at it from an objective point of view.

During the week you will find it difficult to communicate with your children or other young people with whom you will have contact. You may demand more from them or they may bother you with their various whims and desires.

This week will require a lot more attention and good judgment from you when engaging in various tasks. Avoid unrealistic expectations just because you want to realize your desire at all costs. There is a possibility that you will create a problem for yourself, due to the greatest ambition and the impossibility of realizing it at the present moment.

Disappointments or broken promises are possible.

New acquaintances with people from different distances will be interesting, but do not rush to burden yourself with special expectations for their development.

Boys and girls will have a favorable week for completing tasks or achieving important results in areas related to education or career. It is possible to get timely help from close people and friends. Your love life doesn't hold any special surprises, but it's possible that some of you will go to great lengths to impress your significant other. Later, this extravagance of yours may create an unwanted problem or difficulty. The week brings the possibility of an unpleasant conflict in your family related to your thoughtless actions or decisions.

Men, and especially those who will travel this week, may experience disappointment or dissatisfaction with what they have achieved or experienced. During this week, you will have to make an important decision about any item or property that you personally or your family own. The week brings small moments of joy. It is possible to have an important conversation or have a joint plan of action with a man.

Women will be surprised by various news or events related to relatives or friends. During this week, you will seek an explanation for someone's hypocritical, behind-the-scenes actions or the spreading of rumors that in no way correspond to reality. Younger women will have unexpected or unpleasant commitments regarding children.