Weekly horoscope Aries - Taurus

Weekly horoscope Aries - Taurus


During the week of June 17 - 23, you will have a more balanced emotional and domestic life, which will develop without special efforts on your part. Your professional and personal life is most likely to be harmonious and successful. This will be a favorable time to make new friends and improve your relationships with existing ones, especially among women. During this transit, women will have an important influence on you with help and with important and useful advice.

During the week you will experience an event related to a relative or friend, which will seriously attract your attention.

The week will be favorable for the commitment and development of legal or judicial matters, especially if you rely on the help of other people for them.

During the week you will be surprised by various meetings. Contacts of a personal or professional nature with people near and far are possible.

An unexpected opportunity for a purchase may appear, or you may receive an unexpected gift.

Your property matters (if you are involved in such) will have a good development.

During this week, problems may deepen in families where partners are already on the verge of separation. During this week you can make a decision to separate, which will be by mutual agreement, due to a new job in another city, etc.

Extramarital relations will have an unpredictable development during these seven days.

Some of the pleasant events this week will be related to a child.

During this week, some of you will have the opportunity to receive additional or unexpected money, increased income.

Boys and girls will spend an interesting and in most cases pleasant week. You will have emotional and positive experiences with your friends or partner. You will be more optimistic about your future, you will have clearer plans about what you can do and what you want to achieve. In terms of health, problems related to viral diseases or stomach disorders are not excluded.

Men will be impatient this week, which can often be the cause of unpleasant arguments and conflicts and create nervousness not only in you, but also in the people around you. Manifestations of jealousy or misunderstanding of your romantic partner's feelings are possible. Most household tasks and problems can temporarily create more tension, so it will be very important for you to keep yourself emotionally stable.

Women will be surprised both by their own behavior this week and by the behavior of their loved ones when unusual or emotional situations arise. This week you are likely to be very suspicious of other people's actions and words. On the one hand, this will make it difficult for you to communicate, and on the other hand, it can cause unpleasant or delicate situations.

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During the week of June 17 - 23, the transit of the Moon with Mercury will allow you to see things in your life more clearly. You will be able to telepathically read the minds of others and quickly assess any situation. Your dreams and memories will be vivid and useful. During this week, you may learn something new about your childhood or an interesting family story.

During these days you will be able to achieve concrete results at work or in your career.

Prepare for a hard work week and spend less time on fun.

During these seven days, you will be able to implement your plans regarding the house or property you own.

You will be able to start a promising relationship in your career or business.

The week predicts an important event related to a girl or woman who lives at a distance from you.

During the week, some of you will change professional relationships with colleagues or with clients, due to different circumstances in their lives or way of working.

Your friendships will have an interesting development, as you will definitely have a desire for more social life, for conversations or meetings.

Boys and girls will be excited, enthusiastic or excited by the news or proposals they will receive from a man. This week will require more attention, prudence and reason from you in actions and in making various decisions. You yourself may fail/lose a position or authority already achieved, which you will easily destroy, due to arrogance, haste or arrogance.

Men will be surprised by some news they will receive from different distances. A sudden need for travel may arise, both for pleasant and unpleasant occasions. During this week, your plans, thoughts or feelings will be strongly influenced by the people around you. The good thing is that you will have luck in solving various problems.

Women will have concerns or commitments with a woman with whom they live under the same roof, such as: mother, grandmother or sister, etc. Your expectations for this week may be related to receiving, resolving or signing an important document or contract. During the week, some of you will part with friends who will be traveling somewhere or you will meet some who will come to your city for a short period of time. It is possible that this week you will visit someone who has a health problem and is being treated at home or in the hospital.