Weekly horoscope Aries - Taurus

Weekly horoscope Aries - Taurus


During the week of April 8 - 14, the health of a close relative or friend may create tension in your family or society.

All will lay the blame for this on some external circumstance or medical negligence.

The week heralds more tension in your family relationships, and it will be largely up to you to avoid it, maintain harmony and speak calmly and wisely in difficult situations.

During these seven days, you will be able to realize important plans, according to your expectations, which will give you great satisfaction and pride in what you have achieved.

This will be a favorable week for changes related to your personal ideas and plans.

Some of the joyful events during the week may be related to new people entering your life.

Boys and girls will spend the week with a lot of nerves and tension, as you will want things to happen according to you and in fact you will have to consider other people or unexpected circumstances. This tension will be very visible in your love and friendship relationships, where you will definitely lack patience, but not only you. The other party will also show reluctance to conform to your whims or desires. You must be very careful during these seven days in your love affairs, especially if you do not want them to fall apart. Some friends may withdraw from your life, making it difficult for them to communicate with you.

Men will have a favorable week for the development of their financial affairs, to ensure a better income for the family or to look for new sources of income. During these seven days, many things will manage to surprise you, especially if they are somehow related to money. Your expectations of personal or professional fulfillment have no reason not to occur unless an extreme situation arises involving a very large group of people.

Women will have enough work to allow themselves the luxury of wasting their time on things that during this period are of little importance. Changes or new situations will be exactly in your workplace, business or activity you are engaged in. For some of you, the week brings a good influence when you start a new job, when you look for additional commitments with which you want to improve your personal income.


During the week you will have conversations or engagements related to any financial document, contract or other monetary issues. These actions will undoubtedly have a favorable development for you and there is even a possibility that an unexpected chance will arise from which you will benefit.

Overall, this will be a financially favorable week, which you will be able to use in the best way for you.

During this week, you will face different, unexpected, stressful situations, which in most cases will arise due to lies or malicious actions of other people, mainly from your close environment.

Experiences related to the theft or loss of personal belongings, documents or any kind of property are possible.

In general, this week be very careful with the people you associate with.

For those of you who are planning a trip abroad, there will be situations of tension or confrontation with people you will have contact with.

This week heralds unpleasant news related to people you know and any personal or family drama in their lives.

Boys and girls will spend more time outside the home, engaged in various tasks at school, university or work. Meetings or meetings with important people for you are not excluded. You may receive an invitation to various events, or an offer for something that will most likely affect your current or future career.

Men will spend an interesting week, with the possibility of success and progress. You will have chances, you will have luck, but you don't have to stay and wait. Be active and take action, look for every opportunity to show and prove your skills. General activity or plans related to a close person will have a positive development.

Women this week will find it difficult to communicate, as they will be very strongly influenced by their mood. You will experience painful disappointments or failures. You will tend to look for the negative side of any news, event or experience.