Weekly horoscope Aries - Taurus

Weekly horoscope Aries - Taurus


During the week of April 1 - 7, you will be able to implement the work according to your plans. Of course, everything will depend on your ability to control your emotions, not to rush into reactions and wait for the natural development of events.

The tension in your home will be higher than usual due to many tasks awaiting you. A favorable influence in your affairs may come from the people you will meet during these seven days.

Avoid confrontations with relatives, as such a conflict will affect almost your entire family.

No financial difficulties are expected during the week, but a difficulty may arise regarding a document or a payment that you or someone in your family needs to make.

Conflicts with representatives of any administration or institution are possible. During these seven days, you will be much more inclined to see your love relationship in perspective, to talk honestly with your partner and to make important, decisive decisions, even those related to separation (if the situation calls for it this).

Boys and girls will spend more time to solve some unpleasant situations or difficulties related to education, career, etc. It is possible, despite your reluctance, to get involved in some family problems and this will create more burdens during the week. It will be more stressful for boys than for girls and this will probably be due to the lack of sufficient life experience. The week is not at all critical for you. During these seven days, you will be lucky exactly when you need it most, according to the laws of the universe.

Men will have to commit to more household or family duties and responsibilities. Of course, in such good weather, you will prefer to do more pleasant things. During the week you will follow with interest and may also have an active participation in an event in the life of a girl or a young woman, who will most likely be from your circle of relatives. The week brings many important situations, sometimes requiring serious decisions or clear answers to important proposals you will receive.

Women will start the week full of energy to implement new ideas or plans. You can get inspiration or help from people close to you. During this week, you will have the opportunity to renew some things in your home, make it more beautiful, or more comfortable to live.


During the week of April 1 - 7, you will need to focus on your personal or family matters related to money. The same goes for those of you whose work involves money or financial documents.

In itself, this week does not predict losses, but it will require you to be extremely careful when dealing with such activities.

During the week, you may be satisfied with an answer or confirmation of your proposal that you made to a close person, friend or partner in your career.

The week heralds various surprises related to a boy or a man from your circle of relatives, friends or close colleagues.

It is possible that this week you will receive news about the birth of a child or an unexpected pregnancy.

During this week, you may be pleased with good news in your home regarding a future increase in your personal income, or the income of your spouse, parents or child.

Some of you will be surprised by unexpected money or an unexpected profit.

Difficult moments during the week will be related to people from your past who were your friends, classmates or neighbors. Events in their lives will make you sad or disappointed.

Boys and girls will be involved in an unpleasant situation, from which each will come out according to the ability to combine tact and diplomacy, the need to firmly resist when someone tries to harm you. This definitely doesn't mean you have to be rude, stubborn and disrespectful of other people's opinions. Some of you will definitely have to grow up very quickly, mature. Various serious commitments or events related to older relatives, both on your mother's and father's side, will arise this week.

Men will pay more attention to their physical health, giving themselves enough time to rest, for some important doctor's appointments, for therapy or dental treatment, etc. Don't neglect self-care. Your communication with people from the circle of friends or neighbors will be very complicated and at some point you will tend to separate such a person to save yourself from further problems.

Women will spend a week where each day will bring some unexpected news, events or experiences. Many of them will relate to your child or grandchild, as well as any other youth in your immediate environment.