Dashi javor horoscope - Demi

Dashi javor horoscope - Demi


During the week from March 4 to 10, you will be excited by various news from near and far. They can restore your faith and optimism for a better future, or give you hope for a good development of a problem important to you.

This will be a dynamic week for you, so try to act in sync with reality in your life and avoid manifestations of pessimism or melancholy.

During this week, you will be unpleasantly surprised by the behavior of someone who may be your relative or friend. It will be very clear to you that what this person is saying is not true and this will cause you disappointment or unhappiness.

This week will be tense and worried for you financially, maybe because of bigger expenses, because of the complicated situation you are in or for some other reason. You will find it difficult to find a common language with other people around you when solving financial problems.

What's important to know is that whatever you lose this week, whoever you break up with, will be part of your life's journey. Nothing you will be given to experience will be intended to harm you or destroy the foundations of your life.

The reasons will be different for each of you and you will gradually understand them yourself.

During this week you will see much more clearly what opportunities you have and what successes you can achieve. It will all depend on your ambition and willingness to put time and resources into it.

Men will go through seven days that will tell them what changes they need to make in their lives. Good judgment on your part can help you a lot and vice versa. In the absence of a realistic view of things in life, you can cause yourself problems and unpleasant complications. The week brings unpleasant news about a man you know.

Women will have to spend time with friends, who will need to communicate with you the most important topics of their lives. You may have different opinions on specific topics, but this should not create tension or opposition in your relationship. The week will favor the organization and realization of various, pleasant meetings, romantic meetings or new acquaintances for unmarried women.


During the week from March 4 to 10, you will go through some difficulties that will seriously test your patience and your ability to communicate or work with difficult and unyielding people. Your desire and actions to distance yourself from these people will not do you much good at this time.

During this week, above all, be careful in your relationships with people you work with or have common business interests with. Strive for fairness in your actions and ignore people whose loyalty or suitability to you is questionable.

If you travel this week, difficulties, delays or other unexpected situations are very likely.

Avoid getting to know or arguing with the people you will be traveling with.

What will please you this week is news related to a change that awaits you. Finally, you will receive confirmation of important details about its development.

During this week, do not underestimate the importance of events or people that you think are not important at this stage of your life. You will soon realize your mistake.

This will be a decisive time for almost all representatives of the Taurus sign, who will spend a very dynamic week.

Boys and girls will wait for the decision of a parent, friend, teacher or mentor, which will be important during these seven days. You'll enjoy getting together with friends, but you'll also enjoy being alone and doing the things you enjoy. You intuitively understand that your opportunities for success this week are limited, and you will try to spend these days with patience and understanding.

Men will have to avoid taking risks and making emotional decisions, especially if they have something to do with work or business. You may be ready for a change, you may have opportunities for a new job or career, but let these things happen naturally, without forcing on your part. You who are parents, regardless of the age of your children, will have to fulfill the role of father. Do not leave everything in the hands of the woman.

Women will tend to communicate much more carefully, patiently with strangers or with people who are known for their sarcastic nature. In such a situation, others will rely on your sense of diplomacy. The week can be remembered with an important event or experience related to relatives or someone close to your family.