Weekly horoscope Gemini - Cancer

Weekly horoscope Gemini - Cancer


During the week you will go through seven days of good and bad events that will alternate and make your week dynamic and interesting in its own way.

You will find it difficult to realize your plans, but not impossible. It's just that things won't happen as quickly and easily as you expect.

People near and far will disappoint or sadden you with their thoughtless and hasty actions or words.

During this week you will have contact with people you do not know, but with whom you will have to resolve material or financial issues.

During the week, the need to buy or give something to a relative, friend or neighbor will arise, which will require a reasonable decision on your part.

Your relationship will be put to the test with a woman who continues to slander you, manipulate you with various false information about people and events and generally negatively affect you mentally. The probability that you will decide to remove him from your life is very high, as long as this is possible.

During these seven days you will seek contacts with friends with whom you will want to talk about interesting topics, without complaining about the daily problems that are present in almost every family at this time.

Boys and girls can expect a week in which they will not lack luck for things that have future prospects. It doesn't matter what they are related to, be it education, career or personal life. During the week, you will have to communicate or work together with a man who can show you more rigor and precision in your actions.

Men will be quite careful in their relationships with unknown persons, as you will intuitively feel some doubt towards their intentions or actions. Your relationships with some relatives may turn out to be more complicated than usual. This week, be careful about sharing personal information, even with your old and trusted friends. Parting with people you know for different life reasons is not excluded.

Women will spend a week with difficult decisions that will affect actions and plans that have been stalled for a long time. For some of you, old problems will have a new development and this time you will not be able to leave them unresolved.

The crab

During the week you will have some interesting meetings or contacts with important people for you.

The reason for this may be a meeting for a special occasion, such as a birthday, name day, graduation, business plans and others.

Parents of this zodiac sign will be more generous with their children and some of them may be happy with news related to a special event.

During this week, carefully plan the plans you have connected with your home. Do not impose your opinion or pressure others to accept your ideas, especially if you decide to get into an unpleasant argument or conflict.

During the week you will have an unpredictable relationship with a relative.

During these seven days, you will experience disappointment or be offended by someone who promises you something and gives you hope, then gives up.

During this week you will pay more attention to the events in the life of a person who does not live in your home and who is going through a difficult period in his life.

Boys and girls will have special expectations for this week regarding some plans for a vacation, to a tourist spot or other similar experiences outside of your school or workplace. Navigating dreams and plans for such experiences can make you distracted, unwilling to perform your basic daily tasks, and this can cause one's dissatisfaction and conflict.

Men will have to show a more serious responsibility towards their parental duties. This is not a week where you can pass them on to someone else as there are serious things going on in your child's life. Your participation or intervention in them is more than necessary. During this week I will not lack the desire for romantic adventures, flirting or intimate experiences, regardless of whether you are married or not. Your desire to spend more time with friends or people you like should not create conflict in your family.

Women will tend to act emotionally, impulsively, as if they are still somewhere in their youth. This can affect the way you dress, make-up, entertainment, things that will not be particularly typical for your age. The purchases you will make this week may also be influenced by your emotions. You would do well to heed the advice that this is an important week in which your desire for pleasure and entertainment will do well to stop.